Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thing 341 Crossbar Challenge

What did I tell you about good weather after Paddy's Day? Sometimes my face hurts from being right all the time. So on a day like this, even if I did have a night shift the night before, the only thing to do is get out and enjoy some sunshine. Lord knows that there's going to be enough rainy days over the next few months, you've got to take them when you get them. Like Cadbury's Cream Eggs...

Anyone else remember the shocking embarrassment of the first time I tried to kick a rugby penalty? No. Quick refresher: I talk so much gas about rugby, but I'm all talk, I wouldn't kick snow off a rope, I was dreadful. This time 'round I wasn't so bad. Competition gives me an edge and I badly wanted to see God Boy humiliated. To be honest, him being humiliated is a major motivation for most of my day.

God Boy's so competitive that when Top Cat suggested the Crossbar Challenge for the day's Thing, the first words out of his mouth were: "It's my dream to get that crossbar first time, and then spend the rest of my time laughing at your pudgy arse". What a charmer. And this is the guy I call one of my best friends.

Basic rules of the crossbar challenge: From the Twenty-Two metre mark, kick the ball onto the crossbar. It can be drop kicked, kicked out of hand, or place-kicked onto the bar. First one to hit it wins. Easy peasy, and a smashing Project Thing to do in the sunshine.

Also, you'll straight up never believe what happened next. Have a look:

First time. The miserable clown. First time victory. I think I hate that man a little.

I had to include this photo... balls of rubber apparently.

I eventually hit the bar. Took me a little while, I'll have to admit it. There's no point in lying since God Boy would probably sue me for falsehoods. He's as bad at winning as he is at losing, the fat clown. Top Cat got it twice, but since he was filming for and he was off screen for the first victory, he'd to do it all over again. Fair play to him too, he managed it. And it's not easy I swear.

The worst thing about the gombeen of a tool winning in the way he did was the manner of it. When me and Top Cat hit the bar it was out of the hand. For God Boy it was a drop at goal. He dropped a goal to hit the bar. I loathe him winning.

During the video you can clearly hear him saying "I f***ing told you..." What a gimp.

Oooops. As it turns out I'm just as bad at losing as he is.

P.S. Don't forget... Sluggary TV will be live right here on March 31st. Reality TV never looked so boring/disturbing at the same time. All the Sluggary Boys and Girl live on the interwebs. Also, in the spirit of reaching the end of this Project, there'll be a party. A very public one in O'Connell's Bar at the Old Quarter in Limerick on April 14th. If you feel like having a pint, just join us.

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