Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thing 338 Inside Outside

Generally the weather in this country isn't great. I know, I didn't need to tell you. You've been rained on too. I spend days walking about town humming the lyrics of Travis songs. The Locke Bar in Limerick does a roaring trade on sunny days, which means that it sells drink maybe two weeks of the year. Smashing bar though.

I like to think that what whether we do get that's any way decent, well it starts on this day... St Patrick's Day. Yep. This was the Thing for the day. Not marching in a parade, not drinking a green pint, not dressing like a leprechaun and granting wishes. No sir/ma'am. Not for me. The reason being that I hate town on Paddy's Day. Hate it with a vengeance.

(Cue Old Person Rant)
It's too loud, too crowded, too faux Irish. There's too much vomit, too many scumbags and too many people drinking in front of their kids. Yes indeed, for many years now St Patrick's Day has been spent in the house, with some mates, drinking some cans and playing the guitars. It's just lovely. And usually, the weather is pretty awesome too. For some reason, Paddy's Day has always struck me as the start of summer.
So, in the spirit of doing something new for the day, without having to hit the town, we enjoyed ourselves some sunshine, from the comfort of our living room. Which we placed on the deck. Yep, there's nothing like sitting down on the couch on the deck on a sunny Saint Patrick's Day. Got Spoon, Dr Frasier and The Frenchman. Got guitars. Got some wine. That's plenty. Always room for more people, you know, banter-wise, but that number suits me down to the ground.

It's like the perfect combination of something old and something new. I never go to town, and this year was going to be no different, but I've never put my living room on the lawn before so I get the best of both worlds.

Initially we sat out in the sun, t-shirts and jeans, then it started getting a little chillier so we put on some jumpers. After a little while the cold kept on coming so we put on jackets. No one for going inside, we were all about the sitting in the freezing cold... I think it's an Irish thing. Hardy to a fault.
There's a limit though. After a certain point Baltic cold is just Baltic cold and when your wine is chilling itself just by sitting on your new outdoor coffee table, then it's probably time to go inside. Our regular living room seems so crappy by comparison.

I want to move onto the deck.

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