Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thing 332 Magic Card Trick

Magicians are cool. You already knew this, I'm not providing you with new information. Usually, the first contact with magicians is through the classic art of the magic card-trick. Through sleight of hand, and well mastered deception, a good magician will make you make that "oooooooh" noise when he/she shows you the card you thought you'd picked randomly. I love that oooooh noise. I want to make people make the oooooh noise. Mostly I get them to make the "aaaawwww" noise. Example: "Aaaaawwww, he's a little bit soft in the head, bless him".

I'm not ever going to be a magician. Firstly, I lack the determination. Secondly, nobody would trust me with keeping that stuff secret. I'm crap at that. I'd be all about the explaining it. What I can do though, is master the art of the magic card trick, and hope that I can make people make the "oooooh" noise.

It worked on Lady Northy. She seemed mightily impressed. First off I'd to buy a little book of magic card tricks, which was easy. Then I'd to pick a trick that's not too difficult, which was not easy, because some of them involved being sharp and quick. I'm dull and sluggish. There's also a glossary of little terms and terminology for card tricks. "The plant", "the swipe", etc etc. So I'd to pick one with as few of those in it as possible, because, let's be honest, there's no way I'm learning additional crap unless it's absolutely necessary.

I learned two tricks. In the process of learning them, I successfully tricked myself. Which I think is an achievement all on its own. How many people can say they're so good at magic card tricks that they confused and deceived themselves?

Here's a basic rundown: I tell the mark to split the deck, giving me one half, keeping one for themselves. I glance at the bottom card on my half. We both select a card from the centre of our stacks. The Mark is told to remember theirs and place it face down, on top of their stack. I place mine on the top of my stack. I place my stack on top of their stack. Because I've glanced down, I know what card is on top of the mark's card. So I can now announce what my card was, pretending that it was whatever I glanced at, then find the mark's card and both will be side by side.

See, I told you I couldn't be trusted with this stuff. Now, if you found any of that confusing, that's okay, it's because I'm such a cool magician.

I'm not boring you to death with the details of the second trick. If you see me in the pub, you can challenge me to show you. I'll be the one with the deck of cards waiting to show off...

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