Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thing 303 Eat Hummus

Welcome to another installment of "crap that I've never eaten, and will make a Project Thing out of". On today's disgusting menu: Hummus. Also known as goo or as my nephew called it "mucky stuff". Good man Spike, you've got it in one there kiddo.

The lads in work went into a mad cycle of eating hummus every day there a few years ago. On some kind of health kick, they were bringing lunch boxes of the stuff in, with crackers that tasted like air. Then they'd throw me a dirty look or two as I shovelled down the mouthfuls of gravy covered chips. I think we've already established, but I'm a bit of a fatty. At very least I'm ignorant of correct dietary requirements.

In my favour though, how many people can say to themselves honestly that in the middle of the day, all they're craving are some mashed chickpeas and garlic. That's what we're talking about here folks. Mashed bits of stuff that you're only vaguely aware of, with garlic. No sir. Not for me.
Look at that photo up there and tell me that you're keen on that as a form of lunch? No? Didn't feckin' think so. Having said all that I'm ridiculously close minded when it comes to food. I hate things of which I'm unsure. It's a catch 22. I don't want to eat it 'till I know it's delicious, but I'll never know if it's tasty until I've eaten it. There's an application here right across the board of my diet. Potato salad? No interest. Might be delicious, but I'll never know, because I've taken a set against it. That god-awful mush of mayo and carrots that most people have the bad grace to call coleslaw. What a dreadful load of pure awfulness.

So as you can see, I'm kind of set in my way about grub. I don't want to try the new pizza, because I like the old one we always order just fine.

Then hummus arrived.

I'd be lying if I said it wasn't nice. Because it was. I'd be equally lying if I told you that I'm going to spend money on mashed chickpeas ever again. This is one of the rare one time only hit things that I didn't hate or love. It was fine, but I'm not going to make a habit out of hummus. Mind you, the legacy of several years ago at work is such that Token Northy and Lady Northy kind of love this junk. Something tells me there's likely to be more of it around than I want there to be.

I'll just have to make do. The air flavoured crackers that they come with could use some flavour though. Thing 303 tastes fine, but it's not for everyone...


  1. My Mam pronouces it hugh-mus.

  2. haha, this post made me laugh. i actually LOVE hummus and can eat a whole container in one sitting.
    i probably shouldn't admit that. oh well!

  3. Nyom, it's delish. With some brie and chorizo on a cream cracker.