Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thing 315 Burn a Bra

I took a module in Gender Studies when I was in second year in college. It was one semester long. There were two men in the class. Had I but taken the time to read the course outline we'd have had a different kettle of fish. I'd have studied literally anything else. No messing, I'd have taken a module in paint-drying studies or tax law ahead of this. For some reason I had it in my head that Gender Studies was going to be a complex look at the differences between boys and girls. Not just on their respective bits you perverts, I meant in sociology, economics and politics. What I got was a semester of thinly veiled man-bashing. Even I hated the man-bastards after a few months of it. Omitting women from history like that... Seriously though, it was interesting, but not at all what I was expecting.

One thing we did learn is that it's unlikely that bra-burning was a significant phenomenon in any way shape or form. No one is claiming that it didn't happen once or twice, just that it was not a major movement. It's a little disappointing when someone shatters your well established illusions. I'd visions of female rage being expressed in bonfire form.

Still, it doesn't stop me from doing it, for fun, as a Project Thing. Striking very little in the way of a blow for female kind. Whatever about Gender Imbalance in Irish politics and business, the facts are simple enough in The Sluggery. Lady Northy is the boss of one corner of the house, she shares power with Little Flower, The Thief and Tiny Fairy. The men of The Sluggery do not call the shots.
Interesting thing to note about burning a bra. They do not burn easily. I took a lighter to the material, which flamed briefly and smouldered, then it went out. I tried another side. Nothing. Well I won't be defeated, and I love torching things (doesn't make me sound like a pyromaniac at all eh?) so I fetched the methylated spirits. Yeah, that's right, we have our own stock of methylated spirits. It's not weird. It's perfectly normal.

Fire ensues.

I don't feel like I've done any more for women's lib. I'm not addressing the much talked about imbalances in our new Government. I haven't contributed to the gaps of significant women in history. But I did get to burn stuff in a symbolic act of something or other that I'll pretend was noble if anyone asks about it later.
Yeah, like I said, definitely not a pyromaniac. At all. Photographic evidence like this should be deleted for fear that I ever get married or am accused of burning something or feature in any news article that doesn't relate to The Project.

Shortly after this snap was taken I realised I was burning the deck, and Token Northy had to get the hose out and quench the fire. I knew there was a reason we keep him around.


  1. Hey that's my bra........was my bra.... better get my dress back b4 you torch that too!!

  2. Brilliant!! So funny, as is the above comment :D x