Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thing 333 Bar-Boot Sale

I'm not sure I even spelled that right. Barboot sale? Bar Boot sale? Bar-boot sale? Anyway, I think this is a genius idea, and I really mean that. It simply would never have happened in 2006. No way. Remember jumble sales from when you were in primary school? I think some people called them bring-and-buy sales, but it's the same thing. Stuff you no longer want, think someone else would like, and hope to make some cash on; you bring. Set up a stall. Price the items and sell them.

There are so many venues it's frightening, because there are so many empty retail units in every town in the country. You can rent them out for a day because people are so hard of cash. So you get a prime location, and a pretty fun atmosphere.

Think it'd have happened in 2006? No way. If you'd mentioned an adult jumble sale to any of us in 2005, we'd have shuddered, slapped you with a wad of rolled up fifty euro notes and then gone home to wash the smell of poor people off ourselves. Slight exaggeration, but we were pretty snobby back then. These days we're much more open.

By the way, how awesome is that picture up there? The Producer spinning some tunes on his decks for the shoppers. Class.
This is a Limerick City Centre bar boot sale. Right smack in the middle of town. It had some decks for music. Some guy who roasted his own coffee beans had a stall there, and he was pouring fresh coffee. Artists and photographers sold their own prints and stuff. There was a small platoon of women who'd brought their dresses and fancy clothes that they didn't want to wear anymore, and there were DVDs, records, even a Fender guitar. You name it, it was there.

It had a party atmosphere, and bless her cotton socks, but I think somehow it managed to hypnotize Lady Northy for a while. I think she likes shopping.... surprise surprise. I have to say I kind of loved it too. I don't regard shopping as a sport (sharp intake of breath as legions of women prepare to flay me where I stand), but shopping in a party is pretty cool.
It's also not a bad way of socialising. Does that seem strange to anyone else? It's just that it was so chilled, and the people were all happy to be saving money, and/or making money that there was good banter and plenty of general happiness. I'm fond of general happiness. It beats the crap out of general miserableness. I also like buying DVDs, so everyone's a winner right?

Look one up in a city near you!! Or just come to Limerick. Whatever.


  1. The last one in Galway was March 8th so I missed it :(

  2. thanks for the write up -
    next one is in a few weeks!