Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thing 307 Skype

First and foremost; bare with me. I know I'm not up to date. I'm trying to get there, I swear, but I'm forever distracted by things that are shiny and the bothersome little details like going to work. I'll eventually catch up with this Project, I swear....

I'm a bad friend. I've got close, personal, long term and serious friends all over the world. I miss them quite a bit. Every so often I drop them a text. If they're on the facebook chat I'll say hello, but that's about the size of it. Like I say, a bad friend. It gets worse. I've got friends currently sharing this island who I barely talk to. It's not deliberate, I just always seem to be busy. There's really no excuse, but I'll try to make one up anyway, I'm great for dodging blame like that.

It was recently suggested that if I was a better friend I'd skype my mates worldwide. Bah humbug I said, because in my head I'm at least seventy, and it's still the early twentieth century. Not only do I not know how to skype, but I fear change and all it brings. On top of that, my last venture into video technology online was chat-roulette, and that had more penises than people, so you'll understand if I'm skeptical.

Still, it's about time I got on board this train. If for no other reason than to speak to the Curly Fairy or the Tiny One all the way over in Australia and China respectively. It's been too long since I spoke with either. See point one above; bad friend.

So I'm hopping on the bandwagon. I'm getting hip and with it, and I'm joining the revolution that is Skype. The Thief has spoken about how awesome it is, and as I understand it, there are peopel who hold entire romantic relationships over the interwebs. So this is me getting on board.

Who's the first person I call? Not the friends in Madrid teaching English, nor the friends in Perth working with kids. Not the family I have in New York who've been urging me to visit. No, no. I rang Bunratty. Because that's where Dr Frasier lives.

I could have driven out to his house and had tea and a chat, but instead I skype called him, and then, to make matters worse... I skyped Pony Boy. At the other side of the house. To tell him to turn on a DVD. I'm afraid a monster has been created, and it's me.

I'll never leave my room again. Why would I bother? Everyone I need to reach is right here on my laptop. There's a serious risk that when The Project ends I'll become a hermit, living in my room and conducting all my business through facebook and skype.

Still, I'm down with the cool kids now. First two skype calls made. May they be the first of many...

By the way, this is a not so subtle hint to all my mates abroad to get in touch... I'd like a chat.

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  1. So you didnt call ANY of your "friends" abroad?