Friday, March 18, 2011

Thing 329 PRO Duties

If there's one thing that I'll have to admit about this Project, it's that it's given me a serious amount of drive to get some stuff done. Stuff that I'd previously not have bothered my ass doing, or at very most, talked about doing, without ever actually getting 'round to the action bit, I'm actually getting done now. It's shocking. I don't know what to do with myself. It's been weeks since I procrastinated pointlessly.

So here's the latest one, I'm now the PRO for the Norris for President, Limerick Branch. Someone apparently thinks I've enough competence to be trusted with stuff. Apparently I'm all about the get-up-and-go these days. Part of the new me if you want to call it that. No more sitting on the sidelines for me, no sir. It's action or nothing.... I'm lying. Even as I typed those last few sentences I realised how much of a lie that is.

That's the motivation anyway. It's all about trying to get the drive for doing more than giving out. Which I do regularly and often.

So for the Thing, I discharged my first official duty as PRO. We held a meeting. Talked about how great Senator Norris is, and then we had some pints. Not exactly groundbreaking stuff. I sent some emails to some journalists. I talked some more about how great David Norris is and then I sang a few songs.

Perhaps choosing my brother's bar as a meeting venue wasn't the best choice... Thorny Wire loves it though.

As I said, the whole idea is to get involved. Stop whining and giving out about bad politicians (among many other things, like Liverpool Football Club and the severe lack of Kit Kat Chunky in so many shops). This is going to be my personal contribution to society.

On top of the getting involved bit, I like a bit of responsibility. I know that by the time comes to the election itself, there's going to be serious work required, electioneering, postering, papering, other things that start with p.

It's a long slog, and it's likely to be a challenging one. And it started here. Which is nice.


  1. i would offer to help dan on the committee as i think senator norris would make a great pres!! but i need to know
    a) would i get to meet senator norris at some point?
    b) do i have to sing?
    c) whats the dress code for thorny wire's place of employment?

  2. PS if anyone could be a great PRO, its you, i know, i worked in that field, and its all about know how to bullshit (in the nicest possible way!!) only JOKING