Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thing 311 Eat Haggis

I went to Glasgow. So as you may have guessed, the next three Things will relate to Scotland a little bit. For example; that long "battered sausage" is actually "battered haggis". Mmmmm. Haggis. Heart, liver and lungs of a sheep, minced and cooked, only to be later battered and sold to me for a pound. Tastes like pudding, except stronger, more robust. I don't know how else to phrase that, but that's pretty much what it was.

According to Danny Bhoy the Glasweigan comedian, who is hilarious by the way, Scottish people have the worst diet in the world. I think I'd be inclined to agree. There's more "battered something-or-other" and "deep-fried other-thing" available than you can shake a stick at. And there are lots of chippers in Glasgow. I thought there was a few in Limerick... wow, does Glasgow love a bag of chips or what?
Thorny Wire was part of the reason that I bothered trying to eat it in the first place. Part of the reason is that a) he's a very convincing liar, and managed to make me believe that the heart,liver and lungs of a sheep are delicious or b) is slightly insane and actually believes that haggis is not merely "tasty" but entirely delicious and to be taken seriously as a form of food. Look at the head on him: Is it a or b folks? I leave that to you...

As I say, I didn't think it was delicious. I thought it was okay. I found it to be an acceptable dish. I wouldn't recommend it to you. I wouldn't warn you to avoid it. Haggis is to taste buds what potato flavour is to soup. Middle of the road.

I think maybe I'm just getting a little complacent about grub. My classic sense of outrage at having to think about side the box in terms of food has been eroded since the beginning of The Project, to the point that I'm nearly sure now that there's nothing I won't try. And it would want to be pretty manky for me to have a problem with it. After all, I did drink my own pee once...

It just always seems to come back to that one... I think it'll haunt me.


  1. Dan, I live in Peru and the national dish is a fish dish called Cerviche, Basically raw fish cooked in lemon, I was once a wee bit dubious about such concoctions but after getting my head around such things I find that some of the foods that would have once revolted me are now some of my favorites, Check it out, BTW you're nearly there, I will be sorry when project 366 ends, best of luck with the last hurdles, Slan

  2. HAGGIS SUPPER FROM THE BLUE LAGOON - with a glass bottle of Irn Bru if you really fancy her. That's romance, that is!

  3. ayop! it me della and tamsin coming from the dark depths of the mighty tundra, whats your thoughts on 'ot pot BATTERED. BATTERED>? BATTERED> BATTERED. mars bars yummers hagggis? fowl.