Monday, March 7, 2011

Thing 310 Drive a Convertible With the Top Down

I wonder sometimes at my own wisdom, or lack thereof. Who in there right mind (though no one is arguing that I'm in my right mind by the way) puts up such a complete douchebag photo of themselves? Honestly? Who? It's just that if you're going to drive a convertible in Ireland in February with the top down, you're looking like a douche whether you want to or not, so I figured I may as well go the whole hog.

I got my white polo t-shirt, and tied the arms of a jumper over the shoulders. I put on shades. It was so cloudy it may as well have been the evening time, but there I was, in my shades with top down on the car. No half measures here - it's all douche or no douche.

Convertibles are funny. Universally all convertibles look pretty cool, but for all their sporty character, I'm just not sure I could ever drive one. Even something as cool as Hee-Hee's Z4. It's a conundrum you see - great car, looks cool, turns heads, but it's flashy as hell, and while I'm not exactly a shrinking violet, I still think that driving one of these things might be a bit showy, even for me.

Having said that, who doesn't want to drive a convertible with the top down at some point in their lives? I think it's one of the more universal "Things".
Ugh. I shudder just looking at that photo. I think The Frenchman's camera magnifies the douchery - I was full sure I didn't look like that much of an ass when I was hopping into that car.

So we went for a spin, me and HeeHee. Out of The Sluggery and into town, passing by as many people-filled sites as we could for maximum effect. Mary Immaculate College, The Crescent Shopping Centre, Henry Street and so on. We also went for coffee, pulling up outside Arabica while The Barista looked on. I think that man is starting to get bored of my stupidity at this stage.

And of course the inevitable happened; I bumped into several people that I knew. Worse than that though, was that they're the kind of people who I don't know well enough to be able to explain that I'm dressed like an asshole for a good reason. So I didn't even bother. I just allowed them to think that I'm a tool.

Which I am.


  1. I could never get tired of waching u do ur thing Daniel. It's always entertaining!!

  2. you look like a penis in that photo