Monday, March 14, 2011

Thing 327 Unicylce

Roll up, roll up... come see the great and dramatic Dan Mooney as he unicycles his way to a new career in Air Traffic Control. Watch the small bald man defy gravity and other physical laws as he wobbles and teeters his way to a life of fame and wearing make up for your amusement.

Alright, alright, this photo is mostly a lie. I think I managed about fifteen seconds of stable equilibrium. Max. The real reason for this is that I'm a clumsy balanceless monkey, and unicycling is god damned difficult. It's balance and stability on the rim of a small wheel. Why on earth did I think this was going to be easy? What part of my brain wasn't working when I made the assumption that I could just hop on board and unicycle around Kilaloe? Serious underestimation of the humble unicycle going on here.

We decided on a trip out to Kilaloe for some fun and games. Just me, Little Flower, Pony Boy and Dr Frasier. Kilaloe's a smashing spot. Nice food, lovely little pubs, river and a lake, stunning views, and a fat guy who can't balance himself. What more do you want from a Sunday evening?
There's a metaphor at work for this thing too. You can always lean on your friends. Proof is in my leaning on my friends. Bless their patience. You could hear Pony Boy's stomach rumbling in Nenagh, where the locals looked at the clear skies, heard thunder and assumed they'd angered the gods. Still, he stuck with me and stifled the worst of his laughing as I fell multiple times in a short space of time.

I'm hazarding a guess at about and hour and a bit spent with a saddle sticking up my arse. While I tried to use the damn thing. Worth it though. We could have stayed at home and done it, which would have been perfectly acceptable, but instead we went to some smashing scenic town in County Clare where we enjoyed a lovely evening after watching me fall over.
A big thanks to Token Northy and Sellin' Croon for their involvement. I'm pretty sure the unicycle belongs to one or both of them. Through their generosity, complete strangers walking on a Sunday evening were treated to a giggle as they watched me try, and fail miserably to balance. Those Sunday strollers owe them two boys for those laughs.

Still, if The Project is about trying new things and knocking some craic out of what would otherwise have been very mundane, then we're on to a winner with this one. I'll never do it again like, but I'm totally chuffed with my fifteen seconds of balance.

P.S. Hello Paul Keville!!!

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