Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thing 316 Air Balloon Message

Remember the message in a bottle Thing? This is kind of like that except with balloons full of helium. A note on helium; it's running out at a ridiculous rate. No one seems to be aware of this, but it might be one of the most limited resources on earth. See, every day is a school day folks. Keep on learning.

The inspiration for this one came from a kid in a primary school in England. He sent off a note in a helium balloon as a class project. It came down, eventually in the gardens of Buckingham Palace. One gardener passed it up to a more senior gardener who passed it to a butler, I'm assuming, who gave it to another butler, I'm assuming and it ended up on The Queen of England's lap. She wrote back. How cool is that? I'm not saying I was hoping for a letter from England's Queen, but if someone interesting with a story to tell had found the message it would have been class.
For some reason I find balloons kind of sinister these days. Don't ask what the reason is, because I couldn't tell you, but for some reason I've qualms about carrying balloons around with me. Also, I think I'd probably be suspicious if I saw some carrying a note. I'd suspect clowns for starters, and they're always sneaky. I think I blame the sinister nature of balloons for the fact that two weeks later no one has replied to me. That or the balloons came down off the coast and are currently being washed out to America, in which case I may have to wait for a few weeks for a reply. I will not hold my breath.

It's a fun idea, and I think a good idea for kids. I keep meaning to pick up more balloons and bring them over to my nieces and nephew. Have them draw up some pictures and the five of us could send the messages off. I think that would be a pretty cool way to pass the day with the small ones.

Mind you there's nothing at all creepy or weird about a bunch of twenty-somethings doing the same thing. It's perfectly normal and acceptable. I swear.
It's a little disappointing not to get something back. I'm a tad alarmed about how much I care about the life of a stranger, but it might be nice to find something out about someone through the medium of airborne balloons.

Mind you, if there are complete strangers reading this: and I do hope so. Feel free to drop me a mail for no reason at all. I promise not to call you a weirdo.

Also, feel free to steal this idea for the next time you're babysitting tiny relatives.

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  1. I had a similar idea using a solar hot air balloon, and it worked pretty well (7 of the 9 messages recovered):