Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thing 78 Write My Own Crossword

1 Bill for travel (6)
5 Enter or assume a state or position, change (6)
10 Balkan Republic (7)
11 Overly fussy or particular, about food say (7)
12 Titled peer (4)
13 Put off, procrastinate (5)
15 Swedish popstars (4)
17 Illuminated (3)
19 No one avails of this drool (6)
21 Erase, remove (6)
22 Process of wearing away (6)
23 Send another way, distract (6)
25 Take small bites (6)
28 Vessel for ashes (3)
30 Contest of speed (4)
31 Sigmund ------, psychologist (5)
32 Tightly curled hair-do (4)
35 Ape, copy (7)
36 Capital of Kenya (7)
37 Refuse to accept (6)
38 This Ranter was aimless (6)

2 Sinful, wicked (7)
3 A tight curl, stumbling block (4)
4 Make a journey (6)
5 Meal, cupboard, strike (6)
6 Tins (4)
7 Morbid concern, of death (7)
8 No ------, a a basic package (6)
9 Yes Captain (3,3)
14 A long crack or opening, a split (7)
16 States as fact (5)
18 Type of fabric (5)
20 This imitates life (3)
21 A mafia boss (3)
23 Charles Robert ------, "Origin of the Species" (6)
24 Immunisation against disease (7)
26 A fool, jester, fop (7)
27 Sexual, sensual (6)
28 Of pressing need (6)
29 A difference of degrees, minor change (6)
33 Deep hole, large opening (4)
34 Podium, stand, platform (4)
Pictured: Concentration. In its purest form.

Last night I was told I had "copped out" with the chest shaving... I can't see why. It was a brand new Thing for me, and if you had to put up with the weirdness this morning, you'd not be calling it easy either! It's thoroughly unpleasant. Anywho... here's hoping today makes up for it...

Four hours or so. Token Northy warned me that it would take a while, but did I listen? Noooo.... I'll knock this out in a half an hour this afternoon... bah. The bones of four hours, trying to fir everything into a grid which I totally stole from the Irish Times. To be fair, they do have the best crosswords...

At first, during the College Years, myself and Dr Frasier spent every Saturday morning downtown in Limerick in Ruben's Cafe with a crossword. We didn't always finish it, at the start we rarely finished it, but we sharpened our skills. Trained, monk-like to become crossword masters. Irish Times simplex all the way.

In later years when Dr Frasier departed for the Big Schmoke - The Frenchman took his place and it became our daily routine. The old Quarter are bored to death of us. In there nearly everyday, crossword in hand, never remembering a pen. Me pretending to be smart, The Frenchman actually being smart.

The long, rambling, ridiculous point I'm getting to, is that I've done a lot of crosswords. I like them a lot too. Token Northy does. Pony Boy does. Big Red does. Curtain Call does. We're a crosswordy bunch...
Pictured: Little Flower knows all the answers...

So it took me this long to getting around to doing my own. And I loved it. It was awesome.

Free pint in a Limerick Bar of your choice this Sunday if you can complete it... No cheating. Jesus and Santa will know, and they'll tell me...

Pictured: Is that Pixie Head cheating?? Surely not...


  1. I dont cheat! I was useless at it :(

  2. You cheat hazel. We saw you.
    And Dan, I know you fear change, but the Old Quarter is no more. Its been called O'Connells for a while and its time to man up and accept it.

    Also, excellent use of the word of the day in 7 Down. Ten points

  3. I think I smoke too much - I'm rolling in both of those pictures!

  4. Listen here Gerry (notice I use your real name as you have just used mine) thanks for that, It will always be the Old Quarter no matter what Ken tries to do about it!!!!