Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thing 67 Visit A Famous Grave

I'm not keen on graveyards. I guess nobody is, except people who like drinking illegally in the most disrespectful place they can manage. And even they can't be that keen on them. For some, however, graveyards are important. A connection to the dead that have left us behind. An important part of mourning. Never been my cup of tea though. I like to remember the dead through (often wildly exaggerated) stories and anecdotes.

I also think that the appeal of some graves as tourist attractions says alot about how morbid we are... If you don't know anyone in the family, and aren't related to the deceased, then would you not feel a bit voyeur-ish?

Having said that, today was really cool, if only slightly creepy. There's a real sense of history in Glasnevin Cemetery. And the whole place is kept immaculately. It's a really gorgeous place. And not far from the entrance. A large well maintained gravestone marks the final resting place of Michael Collins.

It does kind of give you goosebumps to see it.

History was always a favourite subject of mine. Irish history in particular. Of all the prominent characters in Ireland's long and disastrously violent history, Michael Collins always fired the imagination most of all. Portrayed by Liam Neeson (who's awesomeness must never be questioned) in the movie about the man, Collins epitomised the ruthlessness and tenacity required to be a freedom fighter at a time when it was highly unpopular.

He was also too cool for words. So what the hell am I typing for? What a waste of typing...

I advise anyone in the Dublin area with some time to kill (pardon the pun), pop in and have a look. There's other graves, and every soldier to die in service for Ireland is there too. The sense of history is nearly palpable.

Just don't do any knacker drinking there...

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  1. I just said to myself "jaysus when did Liam Neeson die!" I got all confuseded...

    must read posts more carefully