Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thing 75 Swim In My Clothes

Can you see it? You don't even have to look closely. It's very obvious. It might actually be the first ever fully visible hangover. You can see it there, surrounding me, permeating me, crushing my soul. Guitars and Guinness in a smashing little bar in Newcastle, County Down called Mackens. Be rude to refuse that pint - thanks alot. Will we have another - sure, thanks again. What? For the road? Ya, I won't say no...

My poor head this morning. My poor, poor head.

I've always been a firm believer that a good swim, outdoors, early in the morning after the night before will do the world of good for a sick head. As long as I've been going to Kilkee (and that's a long time) I've always fancied a swim after a night out. And it's amazing. Nothing improves your health quite like it.The shock of sea water, and cool ocean breezes. If that doesn't scare the hangover out of you, nothing will.

Bombs away...
We were tempted the day before to push Top Cat into the water, but it's just not the done thing is it? Mobile phones, wallets, keys, money... they'd all be ruined, and while it's funny for that to happen to someone else, you'd be raging if it happened to you. And Top Cat is bigger than me. In fact, I'm wee and little, so they're all bigger than me.

Aside from my physical short-comings (pun intentional, and I'm not ashamed of it), I'm also something of a prude from time to time. And I've a touch of OCD. Swimming in my clothes is just not something I've ever considered to be okay. One of my pet hates is dressing after a shower if I'm still damp. Putting on clothes when you're wet is wrong. Hence, swimming in them is even worse.
Not this morning though. This morning it was the greatest Thing ever. Too wrecked to undress. Too lazy to make any effort. This Thing is perfect. Walk to the end of the pier, fall in. Job done. Swimming around was weird though. Clothes are sodden and way a ton, which I guess is where the first difficulty arises. The second comes from trying to move around in the water. Mobility is impaired and it just feels wrong and weird. I also heard that people who swim in their clothes could drown - which seems stupid. I'm a strong swimmer too - so I backed myself.

And I was right. It fixed the hangover.
And doesn't The Canuck look delighted with the idea of not being hungover?

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