Friday, June 25, 2010

Thing 73 Hedge Maze

It's some hedges. How hard can it be? I spent my childhood jumping over, through, into and on top of hedges. I'm not so old now that I've forgotten how to do it surely? Awesome fun for all the family.

We went up north, Token Northy, The Canuck, Top Cat, Pony Boy and myself. To see celebrated County Down, with all the lovely mountains. The people aren't half bad too, and you should see the parks... holy crap. Much and all as I love Limerick, and I really do, I just can't see anything that countryside beautiful being part of my lovely city. Part of one of the parks in Castlewellan has the Peace Park. I guess it's a celebration of two communities coming together. I imagine it did more frustrating than bringing-together.

It's huge, and the hedges are nearly as tall as me - which, admittedly isn't hard. So I can't see where I'm going. Damn Pony Boy and Top Cat. Head and shoulders above everything else.

So we thought we'd go old school on it. In the spirit of acting like a bunch of children (see Bed Jumping Thing earlier this week). We played manhunt in the maze. Token Northy chasing the rest of us. There's nothing more fun when you're a kid than getting a good chase.

Mind you. Getting lost has never been, and never will be, fun.

Also... we may have had to jump a fence to get in. Rebels on the edge. What's funnier than watching five tools in their mid-twenties jumping a fence to get lost in a maze. And when we heard someone walking outside we all scattered like we were about to be arrested. Like I said, it's fun being chased places.

Hedge Mazes are the type of things you only see in American movies, like "punch" or French waiters. Well, they're the type of things that I've only seen on American movies and television. Weird and exotic. But I like puzzles.

And at the end I got to ring a fancy bell.
Pictured: Fat abusive man

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  1. THe Hunchback of Castlewellan.
    They'd probably hire if you asked...