Monday, June 14, 2010

Thing 62 Paint On Canvas

What you see there is an expression of my inner angst. My frustration with a world with has more connectivity, but fewer bonds between people. A world in which we shrink further and further away from our ties with other people, and into a recluse of impersonality. Or something pretentious like that. Thank God my angst will match the walls in my room. That was convenient wasn't it? I'm equally grateful that my angst didn't take long to paint.

I'm not a person who can really appreciate fine art. Or modern art. Or high art. I don't mind the classic stuff, or at least, I think it's pretty to look at, but I don't know anything about it. No doubt there's a tip of the hat to all the greatest artists, but I'm afraid to say, you're finest work is lost on me. Sorry.
In fact, I know so little about it, that when you say painter; I think stripey top, dodgy moustache and a beret and/or scarf. I realise that stereotypes of French people make up only a tiny percentage of genius-level artists, but it's all I think of as soon as someone starts talking about art. So while other people take the art-making process seriously, I decided to dress up as a stereotype. Which is slightly racist... And we should all be against slagging the cheese-eating-surrender-monkies.

The Blond Boss actually has some skill with a brush. I've seen her paint, so I guess you could say she was the master and I the student. Except I didn't study, and she paints while under the influence.

Dr Frasier, who we all miss since he left for Roma, would almost certainly have a complete panic attack when he sees this. You see, he's got culture and class and stuff. I do not. But like I say, I really do have admiration for the creative-process and everything. I've seen works of art that take time to create. I've read about the toll that being a artistic genius takes on some of the greats. Depression, suicide, dreadful facial hair and long melancholy looks. Tough to bear for anyone.

So it's done. I don't feel any artier. I don't really feel like I've created something. Nor do I feel like I've expressed myself. I'm totally chuffed with my dodgy moustache though... Classic!!!

P.S. Two months in today. Two entire months... Holy crap.


  1. Anyone seen "Youth In Revolt"?
    Think the last photo is a real Francois Dillinger to Dans Nick Twisp...

  2. This is one of your best blogs yet, not for the task itself though. I was really amused by the not so subtle racist undertones and really sketchy looking lip-tickler.

  3. I've got an idea for a new thing to do, if you're interested. I feed the pigeons in the park a few times a week, and they've begun to fly right up into my hands and eat there, so I can rub them, and hold them. So if you're interested in experiencing this, then you could come with me!

  4. Did I paint drunk? Don't remember....
    I still owe u a painting! :)

  5. Is the moustache real? If not, growing one could be another Thing to do! :)

  6. p.s. you're awesome! this is such a great idea. I don't know how you still have time to go to work!