Monday, June 7, 2010

Thing 55 Introduce Myself to all the Neighbours

Me, Thorny Wire, Bean Bag and Ci Ci Do grew up in a wee little village which, while technically in County Clare, sits nicely on the border with Limerick City. I do love Limerick City. Parteen was awesome though. We grew up surrounded by other young families so there was always other kids to hang about with. That's how I met Pony Boy actually. And Panda. And even that lousy Canuck, but we won't dwell on the negatives...

It was a cool place to grow up. All the neighbours were like additional Uncles and Aunts. They'd give out if you were acting the clown, but you lived in their houses as much as your own. It was a good buzz.

Since then, I've lived in Dublin, where my neighbours were actual rats. I don't mean bad people or clowns, I mean I lived in an apartment that had rats. I lived in another flat where the neighbours were drug-dealers. Not the cool kind like in Pineapple Express. The bad kind. The kind you wish weren't your neighbours. So I didn't introduce myself... obviously.

I kind of miss having neighbours that I know. Having people about who aren't family, but who give a hoot about you anyway.

So I popped about to see how they were doing. I've been kind of worried about how we'd be received actually. We've had a lot of parties. BBQs. Beerpong Tournaments and celebrations. Also, Token Northy crushed a scooter belonging to one of the local kids. So, I guessed we wouldn't be favourites.

I was wrong. There was a lot of nice people out there. I was nearly late for work it took so long. And now I can say annoying things like "Niall and Sharon next door said so and so..." Which is fun for me. Makes me feel like a grown up.

I don't know if neighbouors are that important anymore, you know, being old and stuff, but I definitely feel a little better about the place I live in now.

If only I could get rid of the Northern Menace that lives in the same estate... ahem...


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