Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thing 49 Wear Clothes Inside Out All Day

There's a difference between being unconventional and being a giant tool. This Thing falls into the latter category. As I've already said, I like defiance of convention. I think it's just ace. As for being a giant tool, well that's not something I'm terribly fond of. You know what I'm talking about here right? The person you see walking around town with two different colour, shockingly bright, Doc Martens boots. No laces. Stripey tights. Or even worse, chef pants. I'm sorry buddy, but I don't think you're expressing individuality - I think you're being a clown.

Sadly, this was me today. Anyone who looked long enough to take note, wasn't laughing at the ludicrousness of the whole attire, they were judging the crap out of me for being an ass. And rightly so. I'd have done the same if the situation was reversed.

Mostly though, my mates just got to laugh at me. It passed right over Pixie Head's head, and Little Sister didn't notice either. Tip of the hat to The Canuck and The Frenchman. Canuck takes one look at me and says; "You tool, your shirt is inside out. Wait. Check that. Everything's inside out. You're still a tool". Got to give it to him.

Fashion's a funny thing though. Because not everyone was judging, for just a handful of people, the inside out pockets of my combats with the black and white stripes were nice. They looked good. I got compliments from people who didn't realise all my clothes we reversed. The labels on the back of the shirt, well they didn't bother anyone, probably a designer thing. It says alot about fashion that people can sit down with, take note of what you're wearing, compliment you on your fashion sense and not acknowledge the stupidity of having your clothes on inside out.

The inspiration for this one was all those times that you ever walked out of your gaff with your shirt on inside out, or your jumper or t-shirt. Don't be embarrassed now, we've all done it. It's a kind of helpless moment when someone points it out to you. Because now you've to kind of undress to fix the problem. Typically I used to stand my ground to cover the embarrassment. "Dan, your shirt's on inside out"... So? Maybe I like it like that. What are you, like the clothes police or something....?

A quick note on socks. They're engineered badly. Very badly. The seam is on the inside. Which means that, worn inside out, they're actually more comfortable, and smoother on the tips of your little toes. Just a tip...


  1. Hi, yesterday I read the report of your story in the Irishtimes. All day long it kept me smiling. Very good idea. There are so many things around our normal life we never tried or did. My new task for today was to create a facebook-acoount, to follow your story in the next month. I find your idea so great, that I will try to improve my life here in Germany too. I can't go on a vacation as well and have to stay home. I hope there are enough things around here to "do something new" everyday.