Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thing 42 Cut Someone Else's Toe-nails

It's hard enough to touch my own feet, much less someone else's. Much much less someone else's on national radio... Damn Paddy McKenna and his hairy feet... I think the word of the day is "eugh". It's the word most widely received by text message this morning.

For anyone who missed this on the airwaves, basically 2FM's Breakfast Show have become fans of The Project and asked me to come in and do one of the Things on air. Delighted I said. And I was. That is until we reached a decision on what the Thing would be. Seriously, are feet the most disgusting things on the human body? Answers on a postcard people...

Pictured: Horrendousness.
And disgustingness is something everyone likes to get on board with, whether they'll admit it or not. Producer Siobhan, other Producer Kate and AA Roadwatch Arwin Foley in the background there, rubbernecking... I'd have been running the other way rather than watch some clown cut someone's toenails. People love a bit of disgusting junk don't they? Have to say though - it was rather funny. Genuinely. For something this disgusting, it was surprisingly entertaining. Jim Jim certainly seemed to get a laugh out of it.

The alternative to this, was having to cut Token Northy or Pony Boy's toe-nails, and nobody wants that, do they? Lord knows I don't...

I guess the whole point of putting this on The List in the first place was that I find it hard to compute how chiropodists do their jobs everyday. I guess they probably don't find feet disgusting to begin with, but I'm sure there have to be days when they think - is it really worth the money? And the glamourous lifestyle of a chiropodist to have to chop people's manky toes everyday? The things they must see... Poor mites.

So at least now I know what it's like to cut a national broadcaster's toe nails, and suffice to say, I won't be offering to cut yours any time in the near future. I thought The Frenchman was going to gag into his camera lens as he took the photos. Fair play to him for toughing it out.

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