Friday, May 14, 2010

Thing 31 Barber Shave

That's the before shot.

If you're going to have a bad day, you should try to strike some balance in. I know that for some people (mostly chicks I think), go for a spot of retail therapy to beat the blues. For men everywhere this should be top of the list to redress the balance. In a funny kind of way it's fitting. Today UpDoc had to take a slice out of my cheek. Damn moles you see. So it was only fitting that a blade should be involved.

The Straight Shave or Hot Towel Shave is something else to experience. Dudes can't just pop off to a beauty salon for some R&R, or get a manicure. It's just not manly. Not the done thing you understand. A straight shave though? If Clint Eastwood can get one in Gran Torino, then you know it's manly. And it's relaxing as hell. Plus, I'd to lose the beard so UpDoc could get at the offending cheek with his damn needles... Twice in one week. Damn phobias.

Straight razor blade to the face, after some warm oil was massaged in, and a hot towel was put on me to soften up the face. I highly recommend it.

Here's the during shot:

I'll miss the beard though. The problem with my mug is that when you put it on my short little body and shave it, I look like a fifteen year old. It's ridiculous. I'm betting anyone who wants to give away some money that I'll be stopped for ID when going for a few pints with Thorny Wire this weekend. So the beard was a proper way to mask that. Plus, I think the beard is coming back. Moustaches are forever tainted by bad porn, but beards have a rugged manly appeal. And like I say, they cover up the fact that I look like a minor without one.

Here's the after shot:

So for the time being I'm doomed to look like a child. It's a tough old life eh? Some people spend thousands on trying to look young, and here's me trying to dodge it. Still, for the money, and the experience I urge all dudes (and chicks with facial hair), to give it a shot...

Sometimes this Project throws up a nice little treat eh?

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  1. Ah I do love the beard but I love this pic you look like the dan from the wiz days :)