Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thing 26 Make Skittle Vodka

The things we do for a laugh around here. Like most honest to goodness Irish people, lots of it revolves around drink. It's not that there's nothing else to do around here, because there is. There's loads of things to be doing, but we like partying, and we enjoy a good night of drink. So when I crawled out of the leaba at about half eleven this morning, reached for The Project List, I had booze on the brain, which is probably why I chose Skittle Vodka.

Token Northy and Pony Boy will both make accusations of a lack of manliness on my part, and they may be right, but I don't like drinking neat liquor of any description, and yes, every so often I like a fruity drink. It makes it easier to take. And Skittle Vodka seems like it could solve a problem in this regard no?

The Simpsons (who have a quote for everything), gave us the skittlebrau, a beer with skittles floating in it. Skittle Vodka is pretty much the same thing. The Canuck (who I must remember to pay money back to), bought three bags of skittles and a bottle of Smirnoff, which i guess is interchangeable with any vodka really. We sort and separate all the reds and purples, again, interchangeable if you want yellows and oranges no one from the Skittle Vodka police will arrive over to your gaff to wreck the place. Leave it alone in the fridge for a while, in our case, we gave it eight and a half hours. Open. Serve. Gag. In that order.

Honestly, that stuff is horrendous. If you're feeling a bit groggy, you might momentarily forget that you're actually more or less drinking neat vodka, and the nice sugar smell might lead you to believe that this is going to taste nice. The burning sensation in your throat and the watering eyes will quickly disabuse you of that notion. The gag reflex as your mouth starts watering in anticipation of hurling will remind you, if nothing else does, that vodka on it's own, tastes like utter shite.

Here's our tasting panel to review:

Little Flower: "Ugh... God... it's burning my tongue". 2/5

Token Northy: "Well I do like my vodka, and Smirnoff's a crap base to start from... ..." 1.5/5

Pony Boy: "Mmmmmm.... fruity". 3.73/5

Dr Frasier: "Oh God it's horrendous". 1.5/5

So it's not really a runner then... To hell with that, I'll drink it anyway...


  1. I remember DJ, eddie and kelvin making this in college it looked wrank!!!! :) your things are so good dan keep them up, ESP well done on marathon! Brilliant!! :)

  2. Try it again Dan.... But this time, get lots and lots of plastic shot glasses from the pound shop. Line them all up on a tray. Drop one solitary skittle into each shot glass. Fill with Vodka, and then play the waiting game.

    So so so good!!! We did it a few years ago for a New Years Party. It went down pretty well. Then again, everyone was pissed as farts

    Lisa Bee :)