Friday, May 7, 2010

Thing 23 Do A Handstand

I realise that it's late. I'm sorry. In my defence, it's because I was drinking alot, and having a good time. Is there any better reason for something to be very late? Which brings me to my next question: Is there any better or more appropriate time to attempt a handstand than at a wedding, at about midnight, with a skinful of drink? Surely not...

It's the second task in a row that ended up with me falling on my face. How many times does one fall on their face on average over a year? I've managed it twice in a two days. In my defence: see above.

Handstands are showy, flashy examples of trying to look cool, while actually making an ass of yourself, so you'd think this would be right up my street - sadly, like so many other things that this list has done to me, all this Thing managed to do was convince me of my shortcomings (no small jokes please - I get it, I'm not tall).

That's me about to hit the deck. In a suit. At least I managed to wear something classy as I made an ass of myself. I also gathered a small crowd. The Frenchman, Tiny Fairy, Spoon, The Smigged one and His Better Half as well as a smattering of other wedding guests, and prominently, the groom, hereafter to be known as Embarrassing Dad. For all the pedantic people out there, I'm talking to you Dr Zombie, I realise that this actually looks more like a headstand than a handstand, but that's because I couldn't make myself get balanced enough... the Morgan's Spiced may have had something to do with this. It's always easier to blame drink in these situations right? Here's another photo of me being stupid for your entertainment...

P.S. Tonight's Thing is simply horrendous and was only recently added... prepare to be repulsed by me...


  1. Did you take remedial P.E. in school?

  2. You probably won't like this, on foot of getting jip for that piss challenge, but... that's not a handstand. It's a headstand. You need your head to be off the ground.