Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thing 21 Make Jewellery

First and foremost; we're heterosexual men. We like girls and stuff. And there's nothing odd or unusual about three straight men going to watch a movie together and then sitting down and making each other friendship bracelets... ahem...

In our defence, it was a long and painful bank holiday weekend. Everyone was feeling a bit tender. Pony Boy had a face on him like a well smacked arse. Honestly, I think age is getting the better of that guy. Not able for the pace anymore. So we needed a nice soft option for today's Thing. Something light, and easy. Conveniently, and somewhat oddly, Token Northy had a bracelet making kit in his room. Know many men in their mid-twenties with bracelet making kits? We'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume it belonged to Lady Northy.

First and foremost; Iron Man 2. It rocks go see it.

Secondly; plaiting is not just twisting bits of string around each other. Did you know? There's a method. You've to twist one over, and then put another one under, but first you make a loop, and at the end you tie a knot... it's all a bit of a blur really. I made like I did with the Origami, and ballsed it up. I needed Token Northy to give a tutorial, and Pony Boy to hold some of the string. How daft is that? I've got a degree you know. And I'm twenty-six, and I drive a car and I have a bank account. I can't wind some string around some other string without help from adults though. It's a wonder they didn't take the scissors off me...

So the point of a Friendship Bracelet is obviously that it's given to a friend. Pony Boy invented a new concept, because he liked his one so much - the Selfish Bracelet. He made it, he liked it, he decided to keep it. He was talked out of it eventually.

I felt like maybe I should drink a beer and turn on some boxing or something to balance the lack of testosterone in the room, but like I said; a marathon, a Ouija Board and throw in a couple of nights on the beer, it only makes sense that this one should be more relaxed... If I'm feeling up to it, I'll try something more taxing tomorrow....


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