Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thing 32 Extreme Facedown

Oh yeah... It's extreme facedown... For anyone who doesn't know. Have a read/look at this. It's got all you need.

I picked O'Connell Street in Limerick. In the middle of the main intersection with William Street, on a busy Saturday afternoon. Which sounds stupid, but I promise I didn't really disturb traffic too much. Well, not significantly anyway...

I love these internet fads and phenomena. Apparently someone in Cork started this off (but don't hold that against them, they're not all unreservedly arrogant about their county), and it was picked up by school kids in the area. They started some Extreme Facedown of their own. And started snapping pictures, the next thing anyone knows, it's sweeping the country, like Foot and Mouth (remember that? Foot and mouth, lordie that takes me back).

It was even picked up by our paper of record... Here's the bit. The Irish Times are all over that shit!!

There's something slightly anti-establishment about the whole thing. It's completely ridiculous, and flies in the face of convention. It's startling, bothers passers-by and irritates some people, but it's the kind of creative lunacy that appeals to me. There's really nothing to it except lying down. And I fucking love lying down.

The thing is, if you tried to start an internet movement for widespread social change, or for the spread of new ideas for a new generation, you'd likely run into all manner of problems. But ask people to lie down where they're not supposed to lie down and you've got a phenomenon. Pony Boy loves it, and he's started picking his spot for his facedown. The Canuck, who took (it rhymes - hilarious) today's photo has also started thinking of where he wants to do his. I urge all people who are as slightly cracked as we are to pick a facedown spot and do it...

Try not to get run over though.

P.S. Here's a photo of Dr Zombie with some newspaper ink on his forehead. It's not funny. It's not relevant. I'm posting it because I can...


  1. You're a head case. I love it!

  2. We were in the Fire Engine in the background as a "just in case" Dan! is that what REALLY happened the Canuck on Thomas Street the other night?!!...he was more doing extreme lying on a backboard for 2+ hours!