Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thing 22 Pepsi Challenge(s)

One of the central facts of student life in Ireland is drink. One of the terrible side-effects of drink is a hangover. One of the finest forms of medication for a hangover is coke (from a can only - the bottle stuff just wont cut it when you're unwell). For Dr Frasier, it must and will always be Diet Coke. For me, the more sugar you can squeeze into the can the better. Dammit, crack open the canteen sugar packets and pour them into my coke can. Then there was also Pepsi. The one that attends the party but no one remembers talking to. I can tell the difference between these two articles...

Personally I don't see a comparison. Coke by a landslide in the taste stakes. But the mighty titanic battle between these two massive conglomerates actually turned into what they call Cola Wars. In my head massive regiments of blue bannered Pepsi bottles march onto a field to be faced with legions of red-clad Cokes. It was nothing nearly so cool. In fact, it was so phenomenally uncool that it involved Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, George Michael, Paula Abdul and Rod Stewart. Yep - at the height of the Cola Wars these were the mighty gladiators that the fizzy drinks industry went to war with... Can you see it now? Michael Jackson and Paula Abdul slugging it out to the death... Titanic isn't the word eh?

But anyway, back to the fun. Part of the promotional campaigns became a taste test to see which drink would be preferred in a blind exam. This would be warped by the time the late 90's kicked in, since both were so saturated in sugar that they were practically indistinguishable, so now the Pepsi Challenge became about who could tell which was Pepsi and which was Coke.


Easy peasy...

So we did that. Controlled conditions in the Laboratory (Living Room), under supervision of Technician (Token Northy) and photographer (Pony Boy). Like I said. Easy peasy.

What was not so easy was what Token Northy meant when he heard Pepsi challenge. According to him, the challenge refers to the test to see if you can get from the top of a table, all the way round to the top again without touching the floor. Have a think about what's involved here... Damn Northy... I'm still sore from the damn marathon...

Still... a challenge is a challenge. Pony Boy: Fail. Token Northy: Fail. Me: Fail. Apparently it's more of a challenge than we realised. Here's some stupid photos of us being stupid.

Speaking of challenging; today's Thing was supposed to be Go A Day Without Swearing. I lasted two hours after I got up and then spent the day trying to make up the difference... It's like the not-talking Thing. I'm not really able to do it... I'll have to give them both a shot next week.

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  1. Surely by not talking for a day, you are also not swearing on that day? Two challenges in one!