Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thing 35 Wear Odd Shoes for a Day

Fan of Shawshank Redemption? That's a stupid question. Everyone likes Shawshank Redemption. Today reminded me of a quote: "Honestly, how often do you look at a man's shoes"? I spent a whole day wearing two different shoes, and Token Northy was the only person who noticed. Honestly. A whole day. I went into town. I had coffee and deliberately stretched my feet out in front of me in the hope that people would notice. Nothing.

I went to HMV to pick up How I Met Your Mother, Season 3 (it's great, I love it). I deliberately stood back and paid for the DVD with about two feet between me and the counter in the hope that the girl behind the counter who notice and say something. Strolled around for a while too, hoping to bump into some friends or people I know, so that they might take note...

I went to Eason's for a newspaper. It's hardly a mammoth task. Twenty-five minutes later, I left. Twenty-five minutes. Nothing. Nobody said anything. All in all, an entire day sloping sideways slightly, shuffling around in two completely entirely different shoes. With zero effect. PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!

Now I know how Tim Robbins got away with it in Shawshank. And I didn't have to crawl through 500 yards of sewage shit...

Pictured: A tall glass of water with a silver spoon up his ass.


  1. Maybe people noticed but maybe people just don't care enough about the likeness between your shoes to stop and indulge you with a reaction. These days people have alot of things on their minds...

  2. Probably right, but no excuses for my mates who didn't spot it.

  3. i went to school for a whole day with odd decks on (one was brown, one navy) and noone said a thing and even i didnt notice until i got home...worrying. or alternatively maybe they didnt want to mention it in case you would a.be mortified or b. cry. :)

  4. maybe poeple just didnt say anything incase u were crazy.....I definately would've noticed, can i borrow How I Met ur Mother ! il give it back ASAP undamaged.....clara

  5. Did it not hurt like a bitch? I went to a Halloween Party as Two-Face one time and wore odd shoes. They were two different heights and my poor legs were killing my by the end of the night

  6. paul i think your problem was that you were wearing high heels to begin with