Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thing 25 Buy 1,000 Penny-sweets

When me and Thorny Wire were growing up we used to get 75p pocket money each. For those who can't add, that's £1.50 between the two of us. The hardest part of Saturday (after getting up at seven in the morning to watch Fun Factory on TV), was deciding what sweets we were going to buy.

Refreshers were a good way to go, as were Frosties, but not both together, because one was fizzy enough, there's no point in overloading on fizz. Wham bar, Dan bar or Roy of the Rovers bar was always a tough debate between small me and small Thorny Wire (I know, I know, we're both still small, short jokes never get old eh?). Giant Cola Bottle or ten penny Cola Bottles? Golf Ball chewing gum or gobstoppers? Some times, it was just 150 penny jellies and wait for that buzz to kick in. I know I'm leaving something out, but for the life of me, I can't think of them right now.

I remember promising myself that when I was a grown up I wouldn't eat vegetables or proper dinners, I'd just spend all my wages on sweets. It's not far off the truth, just now it's grown up sweets, and they come in liquid form and they're brewed or distilled.

So this is a proper throwback to my youth. I betrayed the ten year old version of myself by not nearly buying enough sweets. Ten year old me would kick my ass for ignoring all the sweets at our local shop. He'd probably throw a tantrum too. So this is for ten year old me. 1,000 penny sweets, which i couldn't eat even if i tried...

Honestly, I think the sweets should be used as a deterrent for obese kids, just the smell of 1,000 sugar soaked gluten filled sweets actually turned me off. Still, it's nice to have them, and at least I don't feel like a traitor to the 10 year old version of myself...

This is jelly 1,000 joining the pile of others, here's hoping tonights party gets everyone a nice sugar high.


  1. They'd better be legit penny sweets though, as refresher sweets were five pence, and the afore mentioned Wham, Dan, and ROFR bars were ten at least, if not fifteen if you splashed out on a Chomp.

  2. 10 yr old you would be so proud :) thought of eating all them makes me fill ill tho...was never a nig penny sweet fan!

  3. do you thing your teeth or your stomach will rot away first

  4. im so impressed that you counted every sweet...busy saturday :)