Monday, May 24, 2010

Thing 41 Eat Sushi

That's just before I almost threw up. What you're seeing up there is the picture of a man just seconds from violently ejecting things from his body. You've been through it before I'm sure, but you may not have known what it looks like.

There's some people who played an important part here. First and foremost; Jammy Girl. Who recently posted about how much she had just tried sushi, and how class it was. I hadn't been looking forward to eating raw fish until Jammy posted about how awesome it was. Thanks for that. Definitely getting a punch in the head when she gets back from Canada.

Just about to taste what will ruin my day...
Pictured: Raw vomit, before it goes into the mouth.

I thought the sushi thing would pass. I thought, at the time, and clearly very wrongly, that sushi was a passing craze at the height of the Celtic Tiger, only to be eaten by people who were trying to look cool and cosmopolitan. It'll pass and be replacedby people who eat only lettuce and nothing else... but it didn't. It stuck around. Presumably because it was tasty... Either that or else people who pretended that they liked it didn't want to lose face and continued to pretend liking it.

I mean, at the end of the day, it's still raw fish.

I ordered "unagi" which apparently is japanese for eel. Who doesn't love a tasty slice of eel on some cold rice mixed with soy sauce...? Sounds tasty right? Thing is, I also ordered king-prawn and avocado with cold rice, and the raw eel beat the hell out of it. Honestly, raw eel beats the hell out of king prawn.

The other people involved who need to be credited: Hurley Girly and Goodtime. Both of them warned me that it would be muck. Did I listen? No. They both walked me around The Big Schmoke, where I'm perpetually lost. And they both put up with alot of nonsense out of me. They're both owed a few drinks...

Pictured: Goodtime having a good time.
P.S. Word is out, 2FM were on the case this morning. I'll be in studio tomorrow morning with Paddy McKenna and Jim Jim to do tomorrow's Thing. Which sould be fun... tune in.
Here's a chance to listen to this morning's show, where they give me a bit of a plug...


  1. Never buying you anything again lol making it your self is better, you enjoy it more :)

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