Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thing 30 Take Out a Personal Ad

This is what a man-date looks like. Oh yeah... Spoon would tell you otherwise, obviously, but I know what I know. Not really by the way, i was going to pick this as the photo I'd upload to my dating site on so I~ could take out my personal ad. Obviously I'd edit Spoon out. I can't compete with that...

Internet dating is a big thing now you know. So is speed dating. I didn't realise we'd even started doing the dating thing in this country. When did that all kick off? Like proper Sex and the City style dating. First interview stuff. It's always been my assumption that people only used online dating or personal ads to look for sex. I know that's a ridiculous stereotype, but I did actually think that. Apparently not - in this modern workaday world, asking someone on a date face to face is out of the question. So we have interweb dating... Welcome to the world of tomorrow.

There's a secret code for internet dating too. I read about it (where else but on the internet). Tall, blonde and athletic on a dating profile, shock and horror, may not actually be a Swedish gymnast. Also, if he/she tells you she's got a swimmers body and a voracious appetite for life, that doesn't mean she's a bathing beauty... It seems you really can't believe everything you read on the internet... who'd have guessed?

Time for a bit (and I stress a bit), of honesty...

Average weight, slightly short moderate drinker. Likes also include sports, How I Met Your Mother, movies and that feeling you get when you wake up and realise you don't ahve to get out of bed for another hour or two. Seeks Smoking hottie who enjoys rugby, giving massages and people who don't shut up.

Oh yeah... tell me that doesn't do it for the ladies? I can see them practically drooling on their keyboards, and shutting down their Internet Service Providers trying to get a date with yours truly.

The internet is no place for honesty... Seriously. I wont hold me breath.


  1. Run a spell check first. Moderate drinker s/b social drinker, average weight s/b athletic. How I Met Your Mother s/b GSOH.

    Dont forget to mention that you have an extremely well-paying job. That will attract them regardless of your glaringly obvious short-comings.

    Also, maybe you should not put up a photo, or at least one of you. Your brother perhaps, or father, or even a dog. Just saying

  2. Dan Mooney, internet date, Lodge... :-)