Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thing 98 Art Attack

Anyone else remember the TV show Art Attack? It was sooo cool when I was a kid. Little bits and pieces of arts and crafts you could manage at home, and then for the finale, the host would do this giant piece of funny arts and crafts where he'd use household items. Genius.

I remember being little (don't laugh, I know I'm still little. I'm never going to be a tall man), and thinking that I'd love to try one of these things. So I made it a Thing. Now I have to try one of these Things.

I wanted to do one outdoors. There wasn't a breeze all day. It was muggy and a little bit threatening, but it was okay. Then, for the first time since the Project began, the weather got
in the way. Check it... Here's how it started...Nice right? On the deck out the back. Weather reasonable and outdoors definitely an option. Ring ring... ring ring... Oops. That's my phone. Back in two...
There's a lot of rain. Lots and lots of rain. I'd to hang the black sheets of A1 paper on some clothes horses. This is not going well. Art isn't supposed to be hard is it? Oh wait. Nevermind. There's Spoon there in the photo. When The Project began i had only a book with a list. Spoon made more of it. He spread the word. He pushed the boat out. He made more of it. He encouraged others to take part. To venture ideas. To make me do terrible things to myself. Fair play to him. Then he left for Scotland to make computer games or some crap. Damn him...
Basically twelve sheets of A1 paper. Lots of salt and a little chalk later... art. I hope you like it Spoon. We miss you.

By the by... I'm blogging from the deck, in the rain. I wont be back indoors for the next 24 hours. Entirely outside for a full day. Dammit... this is going to be unpleasant.


  1. Well Dan, I remember you from our Clements days,(I was school captain but got the boot!!!) I don't suppose theres any tasks (Thing) that involves Vinny Foley!!!!Ha..Ha...only kidding.

    I've been following your blog for the past couple of weeks and have been getting a great laugh. Keep it up. Best of luck with the rest of the things. Legend

  2. How did u draw it.... well impressed!!