Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thing 106 Dress Up for the Movies

Nerds do this. American nerds do this. Giant (both figuratively and literally) American nerds do this. I don't think Irish people do this, and if they do it's probably in Dublin or Leitrim or something. Don't ask why I put Dublin and Leitrim together - I don't know either.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about doing it before. New Star Trek movie that came out last year? Yep. I'm such a nerd I thought that would be the appropriate moment to vulcan-up. Apparently I do have embarrassment thresholds that I didn't know about. So I didn't.

Tell me you haven't thought about it though? Eh. You've seen people getting ready for Harry Potter movies and you've thought about being a wizard or a witch. Admit it. Or what about Sex and the City eh? Ladies? Don't tell me that you didn't kit out for that one. It was the thing to do when they launched that travesty.
So, I know what you're already thinking. And I want you to know that I think you're a racist for it. Mr T can't be played by a white pasty Irish lad? Racist is all that you are. I did commit to it. Look at that mohawk... And Token Northy was the obvious choice for Hannibal. Because he's pushy and thinks he's in charge. The Canuck is perfect for Murdock; this is because he's bat-shit crazy. Did you know he once got into a fight with a car. Twice. That's not a joke. He really did. Now if that doesn't qualify him to play the part of a mentally deranged explosives and flying expert then nothing does. Pony Boy is surely to be Face. We'll all grudgingly admit that he's handsome. The less said the better though, because he's got a big fat head.
So to the movie... Awesome isn't even the word. It's spectacular. At times thoroughly unbelievable, but let's be honest here - it's the A Team. We're not talking about a documentary. I promise that it's well worth the entrance fee. And well worth dressing up for too. Even if white people do make bad attempts at being Mr T.


  1. Love it!!! And sure your great at dressing up! Remember the Santa outfit in NT!

  2. Dan, you didnt black up!?!

  3. Mr. T's haircut is a Mandinka, not a Mohawk.

  4. Brilliant I'm in bits reading these!