Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thing 82 Mohawk For A Day

First and foremost; two in a row does not a problem make... And besides, I had to try out my new hair do on the town before I blogged.

The mohawk starts with native americans, but that's not where it gets the most of its cultural identity. That, my dear children, comes from punk rock. The genre of music that's given us some of the greatest artists of all time, and contributed to what we now know as rock music. Basically we owe everything from heavy metal to Nickleback and pretty much everything in between to punk rock. Thanks Ramones - you'll never be forgiven for Chad Kreuger...

The punk rock mohawk was, oddly enough a weird kind of paradox. Revolution against socially accepted norms, and a struggle against really crap and soft rock music that had turned pathetic. Oddly it was also a social badge. Which is dumb. "I'm a rebel and I'm against any form of system of order, but I also want people to know this and identify me as such. Also, I like people who also have mohawks because they're the same as me..." Seems self defeating.

In a similar paradox, I also like the idea of the mohawk, despite thinking it's stupid. Here's the photo before it all went wrong, or right, depending on how you look at it...
Thing with the mohawk is that like every other hair style, and I mean every other one, from a short back and sides to a set of long flowing locks is that there's an attitude required. The attitude needed to pull of punk rock is basically "fuck you". A tiny fraction of mohawk wearers actually have this attitude. The rest of them have a mohawk and hope that you think that they're just like that first group, but they're not. You see these douchebags on the street and can instantly recognise them from the types that think they're punk rock.
With this pose, and that hair, I fall into a seperate category. It's called "utter clown". The type of person who thinks a mohawk is a hair style and not a representation of a way of life. We're a small and irritating breed of tool that doesn't realise that a type of hair is actually a statement of who you are. Wearing it in the manner of "utter clown" is going to get you laughed at. It got me laughed at.
Funny thing is, I kind of started to enjoy it. Obviously I can't keep wearing it long term, I'm just not punk rock enough. I'm far too pedestrian and boring for that. But I found myself enjoying the appearance of a rebel. Sadly, I still think O'Connell's/ The Old Quarter is the only pub/coffee shop in town, and I can't watch new TV programmes because they frighten me - rebel is not really my thing.

I guess you'll never know till you try it on.

The last of the Mohicans eh...

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  1. Nah, I can't pull off "fuck you".
    Actually, scratch that, I can but I don't want to.
    See, all my life I've been pulling off hostile and intimidating, and I got sick of it a while back (oddly, I've never had a Mohawk).
    I'm trying to be nice to everyone now, and just be a pacifist and a productive person with my relationships, so I can't go back to wearing a Mohawk.
    Proverbially, that is.