Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thing 86 Get A Piercing.

Yep. I failed again. I don't want to talk about it. This is how I punish myself. In case you've forgotten, I hate needles so much it causes me to feel ill. Physically nauseous and a little feint. How sad... I'm a 26 year old scaredy cat.
This is how it looks to have a needle shoved through your ear. Eugh. It's even nauseating to look at. It's not so much the pain of it, which altogether isn't bad, and I've never been afraid of a little pain, I've broken way too many bones and fell out of way too many trees as a kid (bumped my head a gang of times - explains a few things eh?) to be afraid of a little sting. It's the sensation of having something break my skin. That awful feeling of having something poke through my skin... it's making me ill right now. Though that could be Big Mac's cooking.
As usual The Gang were in tow to make my life miserable. Shimmy came along just to hear me scream (I didn't - I'm double rock hard). The Canuck and Big Mac also came along to mock... they're like seasoned pros in terms of abuse. As if I couldn't feel any worse. Clowns.

But here's to Damien and Paul - they work in Living Art in Limerick. Calmness. They're good at selling it even when they're about to stab you with a needle. Glad I picked the place now, they're counter-balanced that lousy Canuck. Thanks lads. It wasn't as bad as I feared. They told me it would be okay, and it was. Kept my eyes squeezed shut the whole way through it, and the dreadful stabbing bit was over before I knew it.
Never been an earing person. Mostly it's the stabbing in the skin bit, but I also don't think they suit me. Pixie Head disagrees, and so does Pony Boy for that matter. That's the thing about the piercings. They're not one of those universal things that people can agree on. If you're the kind of person that likes the idea, you're much more likely to find them attractive or nice. On the other hand, the second variety will hate them no matter where they are on the body or what they look like. I think I'll probably just take it out... but not too soon. It's growing on me. It's in a funny kind of place too. Mind you everyone keeps telling me it's in the gay ear? Is there a gay ear? Anyway, I won't be rushing back to get another one any time soon, but I'm pretty chuffed with this one...

Now I'm one of those earing people, and I'm not talking about a pirate. I could be a cool biker now... No? Okay. Sorry. Seriously though, ever wonder about that crowd who get hundreds of them? Or what about the ones who get them in the jiggly bits? That can't be right.

Now to get Paul and Damien to tattoo me up a bit... They're fairly legendary you know.


  1. Shaved head, piercings, tattoos? What has this blog done to you Dan?

  2. ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Have ye thought about doing a skydive? Theres a centre 30 min from Limerick.

  4. when i was in san diego i supposedley got my "gay" eyebrow pierced..... i dunno though... there no was no increase in the amount of guys coming on to me..