Monday, July 19, 2010

Thing 97 Tee Off Into The Ocean

I'm little and the ocean is big. It's bigger than that actually, it's vast. Vast is a word that's thrown around a lot these days, and it loses its meaning until you stand on the top of a cliff and stare out at the huge and endless realm of water and realise that even the cliff you're standing on is little compared to the ocean. Tiny in fact.

Golf balls are littler than me. Much littler. To golf balls, I appear vast. So knocking a tiny golf ball into the vast ocean is a tiny little insignificant statement that makes you feel way better than it should. Honestly. If you're feeling like shit, and I've been that way recently, there's little better you can do than this to cheer yourself up. I strongly advise finding something immense and huge and getting yourself a golf club, and whacking something into it.

Wee hangover (as the Token Northy might put it), after the rum and the cookie baking. So me, Little Flower, Top Cat and The Canuck hit the road for Kilkee, County Clare. It has a beach, as any good seaside town should. What it has that's even better are natural swimming holes when the tide is out and a rock cove when the tide's in. It also has a big cliff, called George's Head. I've always loved it. It's big, and waves smash off it and it just sits there being high and cool.
As I say, I've not been a happy bunny of late. If I hadn't already smashed a computer monitor for one of the earlier Things, I'd be doing this again, just to let the rage out. Teeing off into the ocean beats that hands down. It's hard to put the finger on why, I guess you'll just have to give it a shot to know why. And I really urge you to try it.

Little Flower is a lefty, so my right handed pitching wedges were no good to her. For her first shot. She nailed the second one like some kind of golf pro the second time 'round. We finally found out something The Canuck isn't good at - teeing off. Mind you, he beat the hell out of me. But it's not about being good (I keep telling myself), it's about hitting something hard and watching it get swallowed by a vast ocean. Proper fun. I love it. Do it...


  1. let the rage out............


  3. my favourite so far!