Friday, July 9, 2010

Thing 87 Eat Rabbit Meat

I'm sure someone from PETA is going to object. I hear they have Vegetarian Police who call to your house in the middle of the night to punish you. At very least SuSa will disapprove. She loves the whole, being a vegetarian bit.

Other people likely to be upset include Pixie Head, who had a pet rabbit named Belle. What kind of horrible person hears this information and promptly names their dinner after the now deceased pet. Me. Apparently I'm an asshole. I briefly toyed with naming it Thumper. That'll teach Bambi to make me cry when I was a child...
Pictured: Delicious Adorableness

I've always kind of prided myself on the whole meat-eater thing. It's hardly something to boast about, but I'm pretty pleased to be a carnivore. Sadly, I've not strayed off the path of the tried and trusted meats. I've heard that dog and horse are surprisingly tasty - I have no short term plans to eat either, but rabbit... well I've always wanted to know... so...

On a seperate note: Rabbit does not taste like chicken. Chicken tastes like chicken. Chicken flavoured processed foods taste a little like chicken. Rabbit tastes of rabbit. As meat goes it's tender. It's also very lean. 100g serving contains 5.5g of fat, and 710kj of energy. It's not in the premier league of nutritional grub like a steak, but it punches above its weight for a meal that's so cute and cuddly.

Token Northy and the Token Northy Clan are fine chefs. And so it was his rabbit stew (which Pixie Head boycotted in memory of Belle) that I gorged on.

A tiny, tiny part of me feels bad about this, mostly because there's alot of anthropomorphising when it comes to rabbits. There haven't been many friendly cow cartoons, so they're less objectionable as dinner, but the rabbit's been a favourite for kids for years: Bugs Bunny, Roger Rabbit, that sexy Cadbury's Caramel rabbit from the ad, and of course, little sweet Thumper.

But a meal is a meal. And while a steak would have been more filling, at least I know now what it's like.

THink I'll go back for seconds.


  1. I wont. It was horrible.

  2. You're being unneccessarily harsh on yourself there chef. Very tasty I thought.

  3. Reading this one reminded me of "rabbit and taters". You couldnt do it in one day, but if you havnt read them already I recommend reading "The hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings" Trilogy before the end of the 366 year.

  4. If you havent read the hobbit and the lord of the rings i recommend you get the hell out of my house!

  5. where did u get the rabbit from?? local petshop?