Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thing 81 Fire Breathing

Dedicated to Mark and Niall... Open FM rocks like socks.

Never, ever drink and blog... or do. Whatever. Drinking and driving gets people killed, drinking and blogging only gets people embarrassed. It still shouldn't be done, but I'm feeling a little bit festival-free.... Mardi Gras fever and all that.

And ya, for anyone who doesn't know, Limerick had it's first Mardi Gras tonight. It was awesome. This city really knows how to throw a party when it wants. Most under-rated city ever... Red Bull FlugTag was class, two Heineken Cup finals, SkyFest and now Mardi Gras. We do parties well.

So in the Mardi Gras spirit I decided to become a slight street performer by breathing fire by the Old Quarter/ O'Connell's (I'm having a difficult time adjusting to the change - it used to be Old Quarter, but now it's something else, and I dislike change...) That's a photo of the breathing of fire up there at the top.

But training is required. Cue Token Northy...
He's done this sort of thing before. So he decided to train everyone. Not pictured today are The Canuck and Pixie Head - they're not pictured because they did a better job of fire breathing than ever I did. Ahem. Upstaged by my own girlfriend and a lousy Canadian. Not on. I'll put the proper pics on Facebook.
There's me trying out the fire breathing. It's one of the coolest things I've ever done, and at the same time, completely disgusting.

Take half a broom stick. Wrap it in non-coated string/twine. Soak it in paraffin overnight. The following day, get yourself some methylated spirits and drink some without swallowing. Light the paraffin lamp and blow the meth out on it. Fire breathing extravaganza... Except the hardest thing will be not to throw up from the meth. Because it tastes unbelievably fucking horrendous.
So, trained and ready, having been slightly sick from drinking awfulness. I decided to take my "talent" to the street. The inverted commas are there because talent is a liberal type of word - like calling myself attractive. I use it liberally... This does not, under any circumstances make it true. Ahem.

Tip for the future, would-be-revelers: Don't stand in front of a man with a flaming stick in his hand and a mouth full of highly flammable methylated spirits. It's dangerous and potentially annoying. In fact, it's highly annoying.

Still, I've never felt so bohemian in my life. I felt like one of those people who's really got a talent to share with everyone. Something worth sharing. It was class. Think I'll do it again... if I can ever get passed my gag reflex.

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  1. honreal dan!!! dead jealous- would love it- thope you didn't swallow!!!