Friday, July 2, 2010

Thing 80 Make A Human Pyramid

Tiny Fairy
Pixie Head, Little Sister
Chewey, Heginator, The Frenchman
Token Northy, The Canuck, Pony Boy, Me.
(In that order...)

A wise man once said: I love it when a plan comes together. Then he smoked a cigar and was badass. We didn't smoke any cigars, but the plan was good, and the execution hilarious.

I really should have blogged half an hour ago, but good god damn if isn't one of the funniest things I've ever seen, and horrendously addictive to boot. But that's a side issue...

A human pyramid takes a damn sight more planning and co-ordination than you'd think. It's not like you can bang out a couple of texts to some good mates at two in the afternoon and expect ten people to turn up on your back lawn, taking good time out of their days just to amuse your need to stack people on each other... oh wait. Actually that's pretty much how it happened.

The difficulty is execution. Fat/strong guys at the bottom. Medium sized people (who apparently all have razor sharp knees) in the middle, light weights at the top. Tiny Fairies at the apex. Everyone knows this is the scientific formula for human pyramids.
Here's test run, and a prime example of how things can go wrong. Pony Boy's arms are longer and straighter than The Canucks and Token Northy's - thus throwing off the balance, and leaving me having to dip one knee. That's not much of a problem though, the problem is that Chewey has knees like the edge of a katana blade, and that The Canuck likes to see if he can clap his hands while carrying three people on his back. This encourages Pony Boy and Token Northy, who then also start trying to clap. They even attempted a "mexican clap" - it's not a veneral disease; think mexican wave, except at the bottom of a stack of people. But at least the training run out was a success...
Now for a tutorial: A clearly drunk Canadian tries to school a nobbly kneed Frenchman on back positions while Pony Boy and Pixie Head apparently examine the crack of his ass?? Little Sister and Token Northy supervise. Best tutorial ever. But this too comes with problems. Sun is shining, people are laughing and climbing on each other... giddiness is bound to take over...
Giddiness results in wrestling. Or flirting. You can decide which one this is.

Also, here's a tip of the cap to the one person you can't see in any photo here today - LeaHand. She took the photos despite having a broken hand. She's a trooper, there's no doubt.

All in all a pretty good success. In fact, we probably should have tried for fifteen... maybe next time. For now though, I'm thoroughly delighted. Couldn't have done it without you folks... don't they all look pretty....
P.S. Tomorrow... for fun... Fire Breathing...

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  1. I heard it through one of my many, many grapevines that Token Northy had to be used as a stepping stone for the girls at the top of the pyramid as two of the others on the bottom teir were too wee to provide the nececsarry footspace to climb and Pony Boys arse was too insubstantial.