Friday, July 16, 2010

Thing 94 Create a Facebook Group

I've no locker in work. Token Northy does. Every so often I leave my stuff in his locker. He rarely objects. Today I returned for my phone and found that I had a new wallpaper on the main screen. Yep. You guessed it: It's today's feature photo. Look at him up there. Majestic. A picture of refined classical charm. The very epitome of dignified class.

Honestly, he's mad as a brush.

It ties in nicely with today's Thing. You see, I love the facebook groups. They show our commonality of childish humour. Groups like "I hate it when you're hanging out with Snoop Dogg and he drops everything like it's hot", or the classic, "that awkward moment when you tell Lionel Ritchie that it's not him you're looking for". I always wanted a fun facebook group. Something like the one Big Red did for his little brother, or when The Frenchman created a group called "There's a Grand Stretch in the Evenings".

So here's what I came up with.

Token Northy's a mad person and you know some mad people, so you should become a member sort of thing page. It's a working title. Just for entertainment, I'd like to see how many people join in a group celebrating our special friend...

Join up. In your numbers. Spread the word. Go forth and multiply. Let your words and joinings be as fire in dry grass. Let us celebrate one and all, the unrelenting craziness and proper uniqueness that is Token Northy in all his glory...

From every mountain and by every river, let the joinings be celebrated. For every member I'll be smiling a little wider. For every new soldier in the fight for Token Northy's non-stop enthusiasm for everything I'll be toasting you all and grinning like an idiot.

Let the numbers be immense...

Friends, well wishers, casual passers by and even my enemies. Take some time out to log into facebook and join up. Because I think it'll make Pony Boy and The Frenchman pee a little from laughing.

He's probably going to kill me....


  1. I'll join if you change the photo! He shouldn't be let out on his own...

  2. Dude,big respect to what your doing,fair play,good to see someone doing something different!

  3. In my defence, he left his phone in my locker at work and I took that photo to make it his wallpaper. It was SUPPOSED to be a horrible photo. I dont look like that. Do i?


    do i?

  4. Hi there, I'm a lecturer in economics at UL: want to help me give a lecture in front of 500 people in September? Give me a shout at

  5. there is a strange attraction about token northy, i am joining because he is the TOKEN NORTHY!!!

  6. Good work. But you should have created a facebook page for this. Then it would be Dan Mooney "LIKES" you know that guy, he's crazy...well Facebook Pages work better anyhow than groups...