Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thing 105 Make An Obscure Bet

This Thing was supposed to be betting on an obscure sport (and it was supposed to be blogged yesterday, I know, I know, I got carried away at the Races and stuff. Also some excuse about Guinness). So I was going to find an obscure sport on a proper gambling website and slap some money on it. Then I saw what Paddy Power were offering...

Odds on what colour boots Daithi O'Shea would be wearing at the races. Either way I'm throwing away money, and I've never done it ever before so... Mind you, ten quid at 10/1 on white boots was an extra layer of stupidity, even for me.

There was actually a lot of obscure or "novelty bets" available. I had to pick one as stupidly ridiculously lame as Daithi O'Shea's boots.

By the by, I've realised that there's quite a lot of gambling related Things on the list- this is accidental, and only reflects my complete lack of gambling knowledge. Plus, they're a lot of fun.

So me and Lord Gort arrive at Ballybrit for racing and "Daithi Watch". I turned to Lord Gort - "Daithi Watch" starts now. Lord Gort turns to me and says "there he is". Shortest Daithi Watch in the history of all Daithi Watch games ever.

So I had to go say hello. He seemed like a nice guy. In a decent pair of ordinary brown boots. No money for me. Fits in with the rest of the experiences in Galway. Damn bookies took my money... again.

Last novelty bet I ever put on.

The important thing is that Daithi seems like a nice chap.


  1. brown wouldve been my first choice by far!! how did you think white?

  2. Gambling fever lad... It got a grip of me!!