Friday, July 30, 2010

Thing 107 Go Karting

It's like MarioKart except in real life. The significant difference being that I'm good at MarioKart and thoroughly craptacular at actual karting. The Canuck and Token Northy out-driving me and Top Cat. And for additional salt in the wounds, the Top Cat outperformed me too. As an activity for the afternoon though it's tops. A little expensive but totally worth it as an activity. There's this new place that's opened up in Limerick at the Delta Retail Park and it's savage. Fully kitted out with two levels and two tracks. That's two tracks for me to be humiliated on...
What's pictured up there is Donkey Kong, Yoshi and Bowser. Poor little Koopa Troopa didn't stand a chance. I do apologise for all the MarioKart references, but i loved the hell out of that game. Still do. We hooked up the Snes to the giant TV for Battle Mode... genius.

The karts themselves are highly responsive at the wheel and the pace they hit is high. Careful with the tail spins on tight corners, because if there's anyone anywhere near the back of you, you're going into a wall.
If you're thinking about it, keep it to no more than six people or so. More than that and your track will be glutted with people, too many fewer and the guy at the back will spend a lot of time racing on his own... Trust me... I'd know.

It's surprising how much strain it puts on you. I woke up this morning with some tight muscles and skinned knuckles. The Canuck has a scar on the inside of his leg - result of a high impact collision with a wall. Classic Canuck... There's no inanimate object he wont get into a row with.

Give it a shot. And If you do, bring some red-turtle shells, they're the ones that follow the guy in front no matter where he goes...


  1. Ive never been so pleased with myself for being the fat kid in the house as when you tried to block me out after the hairpin on the first track,and i got to bump you out of the way and watch you spinning into a wall :)

    except maybe 2 minutes later when you tried exactly the same move and spun into exactly the same spot on the wall.

    Yeah, i definitely liked the second time better :)

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