Monday, January 31, 2011

Thing 278

The Top Cat is the toppest of all felines. He's subtle on the dance-floor and he's suave around the bar, he's a quick-draw with his lighter, and a super movie star. Alright, he's not a movie star, I just like saying nice things about him. He's a cool chap.

He presents on the radio. Yep... he's that fancy. He's also on the telly... sort of. He's got his own website called, it's a Meteor sponsored website for Munster Rugby fans. I'm sure you already knew this, but I'm something of a Munster fan. In fact, I'm such a Munster fan that I bleed red. Don't look into that terrible joke too much. It's not the first dreadful joke I've made on this blog, and it won't be the last.

Have a look at the website by clicking where it says HERE! He's got a blog, he's goes out and meets the fans, and films it, writes about it. He interviews Doug Howlett. Yes, THE Doug Howlett. Basically he tries to sum up all of the fun and banter of being a Munster Fan on match day. It's the world's most amazing job. Mind you, it looks like a lot of hard work on match day, when you'd want to be skulling pints.

So the premise of the video is pretty straightforward. It's the "Do's and Don'ts of Pub Rugby". It stars Token Northy, Producer, Lady Northy, Top Cat and everyone's hero: Thorny Wire. Oh and me. I'm the one in the suit. It's a fun video, and the first time Top Cat has let us make Munster Fun with him.

We've been asking for a while, but he takes this shit seriously, and didn't want to be letting a bunch of clowns like us screw it up for him. So finally he lets us play fun with him. With no small margin of success. The video can be seen here: Click.

My only line, my starring role amounts to this: "What's the score?" And Token Northy gets to pretend he's watching Gaelic Football...

Like I say, I think it was successful, and a good way to round out what was otherwise a terrible day for Munster fans. Here's hoping he'll let me do more videos in the future. I promise I'll be good Top Cat...

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