Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thing 246 Greek Lesson

Dr Frasier is called Dr Frasier because he's the equivalent of television's Kelsey Grammer except he's smarter. He's called "Google" in Thorny Wire's bar in town. When people have a question about anything from history to geography, languages to science, you can just ask "Google" - he'll have the answer. This is no word of a lie (because you know how much I love the old exaggeration), the man actually learned Hebrew for his Final Year Project in fourth year in college.

He's smarter than me is what I'm getting it. Smarter than you too. Sorry to have to tell you that. I think you're great and everything, but he's Dr Frasier... Here's a photo of him being brighter than you and me both.
Yeah. So he knows Greek too (along with German, bits of Italian and French, a smidgeon of Latin and the aforementioned Hebrew). Now The Project rules are kind of specific about these things, everything's got to be done in one day. Which makes it (thankfully) impossible to learn an entire language, so instead it's got to be just an alphabet. The reason I'm so grateful is that I honestly can't remember what I had for dinner yesterday, so what chance have I of even picking up the letters, much less the words... honestly, I've briquettes sitting by the fire who've a better chance of successfully learning another alphabet...

By the way we owe those Ancient Greeks quite a bit. Philosophy for example. Democracy is another one, cheers for that lads. Mathematics... wait. That's not right. Screw you Greeks. Thanks for that... jerks.

They also gave us a pretty freaky alphabet which is still regularly used today, and is the basis for Fraternity Houses and Sorority Sisters, which in turn has given us hilarious teen comedies and the concept of the toga party, guess who invented the toga? The Ancient Greeks... boom, and we've come full circle.

But, back to the alphabet; The pie symbol is pi, while the letter pronounced "rho" looks like a "p". An "o" looking dealie is actually an omicron, meanwhile there's an upside down "u" looking thing that's omega. How am I supposed to remember stuff that looks similar and sounds kind of the same in some cases?

It was fun though. Poor Dr Frasier was nearly trying to pull his hair out while I drifted in and out of attention. That's me. I start concentrating on someth.... oooh shiny things... Where was I? Are those my feet?

By the time I wrapped it up to go to work, I could identify all of them, and Dr Frasier had put some of the letters into fancy Greek words and made me spell them out. It was great. I could readily identify every single one, and I sounded like one of them college professors. I'm Indiana Jones now- in the event of Ancient Greek archaeology being required to save lives and junk, I'm your man.

I even managed to remember some of them today. Like two of them at least. Maybe not though. Alpha or something... Holy crap, Dr Frasier is going to kill me when he finds out about this...

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