Friday, January 21, 2011

Thing 264 Movie Drinking Game

In my defence, it was Christmas. In Ireland. It's socially acceptable to drink this much at Christmas right? Right? Don't answer that unless you're going to tell me what I want to hear. Seriously...

I'm something of a movie buff. God I hate that expression; movie "buff". It carries unpleasant oily naked connotations for some reason. Let's rephrase - I really like movies, lots. I'm also partial to a snifter of port of a Sunday evening by the fire. Why is it that I've to start a year long Project before I put these two things together?

In my long, four year career as a student, I played only one drinking game. I played it and stopped for the following reasons: Cha Cha appears to be a small woman, but can in fact, destroy most people for booze. Little Squirrel is a misnomer. The man is huge and drank whiskey from a pot. Even Dr Frasier, famous for his inability to hold his booze, was once a seasoned pro. They were destroying me. Also, I got sick.

Drinking games are not my cup of tea. This, I should have remembered before I decided to take on this Thing for the day.

Did you know that there are literally hundreds of these games. And not just ones for movies. There are TV show ones, which are actually a little funnier.

Funny story:
Kiefer Sutherland played Jack Bauer in the show 24. Jack Bauer said "dammit" alot. American students noticed this and made a drinking game that involved shots every time he said his signature phrase. Someone told Kiefer Sutherland, who then began a one man campaign to get as many students smashed out of their minds as he could. He was a "dammit" machine. The script called for him to say it once, he'd say it seven times. He'd say it when the script didn't call for it. He'd said it so much, they stopped playing... How cool is that guy?

So anyway... here's four photos depicting the progression of the evening:
Ooooh look, I'm super excited about Indiana Jones drinking game fun. Here's a shot of red crap I'm going to drink. This is going to be super awesome...
Wow. Lots of stuff happened there. And everyone was shouting. I ran out of red crap to drink. So here's some orange crap. This game isn't as much fun as previously anticipated...
Is it nearly over? I want to stop watching, but I can't. I can't stop watching...
Note: At this point, I'm actually just screaming at the telly. Honestly. I just started roaring before every shot. I thought Pony Boy was going to fold over in half laughing at me.

The rules were ridiculous for starters: Any time Indiana Jones does anything, take a shot. Anytime anyone else does anything, take a shot. Every time you see a person on the screen; take a shot. If you blink... take a shot.

Alright, it wasn't that bad, but here's a sample:

Every time Indiana gets punched: Shot
Every time Indiana has to reach back for his hat/whip/any other accesory: Shot
Every time you see a snake: Shot
Every time some actual archaeology gets done: Shot

If you know the Indiana Jones series, then you know my pain...

Stupid cheap liquor has ruined Indy for me like Jar Jar Binks ruined Star Wars. How many times have I said never again since I started this Project? Once more won't hurt...

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