Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thing 268 A Nap in a Furniture Store

Ever go in to a furniture store and think; wow, that bed looks comfy? Harvey Norman takes that step further and decorates entire bedrooms. They look cool, they never look like the kind of room that I'd live in, because they're too pretty, but they look like the kind of room your cousin has, or maybe your older sister. Something like that.

I went in with Dr Frasier, all about having myself a little lie down. The problem with that is that Harvey Normans' is a busy shop, which means loads of people and plenty of staff. Quite simply, no one is going to let me do this willingly. I'm going to literally have to steal forty winks. At the best of times I'm nervous and embarrassed about these kind of Things, but when Dr Frasier is there tormenting me and bullying me into the job, it makes it even harder.

Had a sneaky look to see who was where... dodged into the room... my Mam's constant pestering kicked in and I took off my shoes, threw myself onto the bed and closed my eyes. I was hoping Dr Frasier would take a quick snap, but when I opened my eyes a couple of minutes later... he was gone. I'm not sure if he was trying to set me up to get caught or just tempted by one of the many offers on office furniture. But taking a photo he was not. I held my position till he came back and got the snap.

We chuckled and left....

I got to the car and decided it wasn't enough. I had to get under the covers in the shop. So I marched Dr Frasier back into Harvey's and went for another go. It was at this point that he told me we'd been in there the first time round for forty minutes while I dallied and dithered.

Suffice to say there was a small army of sales staff following us around the store. I'm still unsure if they wanted us to leave, thought we were up to no good or just smelled a sale. One way or another they were never farther away than a few feet. It was the weirdest stand off in history.

I'd head for one of the rooms, they'd move in close. I'd walk away, they'd edge back. I walked to the other end of the store and a new squad of sales staff would appear out of nowhere like a bunch of those melty terminators out of the second Terminator movie (which, incidentally, is the best Terminator). They were everywhere.

Dr Frasier was furious. You know how long we were in there? One hour and a half. A full football match length of time. At this point I'm sure the sales staff thought I was completely doddering insane, and that Dr Frasier was the orderly sent out of the hospital to keep an eye on me.
Anyway... I bottled it. I got my two decent photos from the first time out, and had a nice relaxing lie down for myself. Couldn't get under the covers though. Come on, give me half marks will you? Please...

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