Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thing 240 Lobby a TD

I've written a fan mail. It was nice and fluffy and a little bit gushing. I didn't know it at the time I wrote this, but I would eventually write my first ever letter of complaint (which would be ignored, but we'll get to that in about fifteen blogs time), but the first draft of this letter was... well... let's just say that it was strong. The kind of strong that gets you arrested because upon reading it, the receiver would be left with the impression that I was standing outside his window in a tenchcoat, staring unblinkingly at him... That kind of strong. So I toned it down a smidgeon...

Willie O'Dea... what can I say... This photo will haunt the man forever. It was a simple photo opportunity that was turned into what most politicians like to call: A political football. Whatever that means. He's not been the worst thing that ever happened to Limerick though... So I want to give him a second chance...

Dear Deputy O’Dea,

Seriously man, what’s with you and that party you’re a member of? It’s pretty obvious to anyone who looks that you’re dedicated to Limerick, and that you work hard for Limerick people, which is great, but it’s hard to be seen as the good guy when you’re on board with the crowd that destroyed the country. I know, lots of Fianna Fáil members are pointing to the success the country had when you were in Government, but let’s be honest; there was the world’s fastest buck made, and it was made without the first thought for a solid foundation. You made us rich, and then robbed us blind. You’re better than that. That’s why people vote for you, even though they don’t like your party.

If I’m being honest with you, I think you ducked out and went very quiet when we needed you to be at your most vocal during the Heathrow Slots at Shannon debacle. You had a party line to tow, and that’s always going to be the case with any politician in any party, but you have to know that you’re on the team with the bad guys. Your party’s had more shady and questionable characters than Quentin Tarantino movie, and now they’ve brought the country to its knees, in the greatest disaster we’ve ever faced – that’s not the kind of party line anyone should be towing.

Frankly, the people deserve better than Fianna Fáil, and you are better than them. Run as an independent. Break away from the “Cult of the Leader” that’s been so prevelant in your party for decades. Get out and do just for Limerick people. Not for Brian Cowan or whoever takes the poison chalice after he’s sacrificed on the altar of public outrage.

Look, the chances are that you’re going to get elected again, and most likely, Fianna Fáil will take a battering, but you’ll be in. Someone in the party will look to you for support in their run at the part leadership, and the whole thing will start all over again.

Kick them to the kerb, just as the Irish people will, because they’re not good enough for us, and you’re too good for them.


Dan Mooney

I promise, the last one had way more curse words... but that one's never seeing the light of day...

So that's my contribution to politics for 2010. Profound and earth shattering it most certainly is not, but I like to think I'm part of the system now. Oh god... I'm part of the system... LET ME OUT!!!


  1. I seem to recall you waxing lyrical recently about how if we're ever going to get meaningful change in this country, politicians need to be less parochial when serving in the Dáil. May I present Exhibit A:

    "Get out and do just for Limerick people."


  2. Thing is though, I don't see much evidence of O'Dea actually accomplishing anything concrete for Limerick. He just seems to concentrate on running errands for constituents in order to get re-elected. He has represented Limerick now for over 28 years in the Dail. I think that its time for him to move over and make way for somebody who can see the bigger picture and help Limerick out of the recession.

    Also, IMHO, recent events in the High Court have shown that he operates to very low political standards.

  3. Anonymous, you make a good argument. Token Northy... you're a tool and no one likes you.

  4. Perhaps, but lets consider another aspect of this Thing.

    "verb (lobbied, lobbying) 1. to try to influence (the Government, politicians, legislators, etc) to favour a particular cause."
    Chambers Dictionary.

    I dont think you lobbied him.

    The blog police should edit the title of this to "Thing 240: Abuse a Politician"