Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thing 269 Put the Lime in the Coconut

Now that there is a photo of me hammering a screwdriver into a coconut. It's not the kind of thing you normally do of an evening about the house. Thankfully, in this house, life is never dull. Freaky and unusual and full of curse words and morally questionable pranks, but never dull.

That, by the by, is just how hard a coconut is. You know that old made up statistic about falling coconuts killing more people every year than shark attacks do? Once you've got your hands on one of those bad boys, it starts to become more than a little bit believable. I could kill a Northy with one of these... ahem...

For those misfortunes who are looking at the title of this Thing and thinking: Well, it was bound to happen, Mooney's finally gone and lost it altogether, there is a method to the madness. It's the lyrics of what I always thought was quite a popular song. Sadly, when I boast about putting the lime in the coconut, too many people haven't a bull's notion what I'm talking about. I really thought everyone knew that song...

Here's a link for those who want to hear some musical fantasticness in proof that I didn't make the song up, it did exist, and putting the lime in the coconut is actually cool... click me!!

While on my travels to find my favourite version of this song, I inadvertently discovered the worst thing ever put on the internet. Worse than copies of Mein Kampf. Worse than lol catz. Prepare for ear-bleeding awfulness that can only be delivered by Danni Minogue...

If you want to put the lime in the coconut yourself, here's a photo of stuff you'll need...
As I said, I love the song. It was once used very successfully in an ad for Coke Lime. Remember that? When they murdered Coca Cola? Rough patch for the people of Coke... Swing and a miss folks.

It took me the guts of fifteen minutes to get into the shagging thing. Coconuts go to great lengths to prevent idiots getting at their milky goodness. Hard shell. No fooling.
The Canuck remains furious that I put the lime in the coconut and failed to put in any rum. Apparently he considers this a missed opportunity, but to be fair, we did more than enough drinking and partying over Christmas. I just wanted the chance to get this done. Mind you, it was his suggestion for a Thing.
By the way, it was delicious. You couldn't drink it all night by any means, but it certainly was tasty. For the boys out there, it also gives you an opportunity to hit something with a hammer. Who doesn't love that. Anyone who says they don't love that is a liar...
Yum yum...


  1. As soon as I saw the title I started singing 'you put the lime in the coconut'.. Damn you putting a catchy song as your title. I thought it was a well known song too, I'm now kind of ashamed that I know it when the rest of the world havn't had to endure it.

  2. My friend has a T-shirt that has a picture of a lime and a coconut with an arrow drawn from the lime to the coconut. It's pure genius.

    When I was in hong kong you could actually buy a coconut and they'd stab it with a knife/straw and then you could walk around drinking from it.

  3. I'm so happy to hear it tastes good. Im doin this for my birthday on Saturday. Cantwait