Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thing 267 Submit to Failblog

Once upon a time I worked in a job, and no I'm not saying where, which allowed me more free time than I really required. I didn't do a lot of actual work. Instead I had a list of websites that I love to check on, and I spent most of my day just laughing my ass off. You've seen some of them on this Project before. where Cyanide and Happiness cartoons are king. Lamebook, where stupidity and hilarity are king, and are mocked and applauded in equal measures. There's also, which I hope to get something written for eventually, and finally, there's

For those not in the know, failblog is the place where stupidity is highlighted, italicised and underlined for the likes of me, Spoon and Pony Boy. If you've seen a video of a news presenter announcing that Mount Everest was conquered by a man, who she means to say is blind, but ends up saying is gay, it came from failblog. If you haven't seen it - allow yourself a giggle. Click here. Any time a photo of someone or something goes online, that's too stupid for words, it's on failbog.

Photos and videos are rated as fail, epic fail, win or epic win. Look, I could type about how awesome failblog is all day, or I could just post a link...

By the way, this may be a record for the blog it's taken me the longest to write... prepare to be addicted to failblog, once you get on there, it's impossible not to keep looking back over old fails. High-lay-ree-us.

So I've been strolling about since Project Day 1 trying to find a photo opportunity for a failblog submission. I've seen some stuff and thought it was worthy, but my head told me to keep waiting for a better fail... (Better fail? Sounds like an oxymoron doesn't it?).

It was early January when my moment came. In Subway. Having a sandwich, because, let's face it, Subway is awesome in many ways. I saw an add for soup. Seemed like a good idea, it was freezing out. Thing is though, I've always found a bowl or even, at a push, a cup is a fine method of soup-delivery. A bowel though... well, it just seems wrong. Internal organs and systems shouldn't be used to serve soup.

I know I'm pedantic. And a grammar Nazi - it's kind of my Thing. But it serves my purpose for a new Thing for the day. Share my hilarious "bowel" moment with the world.

I think it's hilarious. No?

Humour fail.

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  1. thanks for bringing failblog to my attention. iv found my new obsession