Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thing 265 Join A Political Party

Alright, first and foremost. This blog is not, nor shall it ever be, a soapbox for political spin. It's not a platform for religious change. It's not a recruiting campaign for the next big event in politics in Ireland.

The problem is, that it is a personal Project, so there's just little bits of me that will get through. Not everyone's going to agree with my politics. There'll be plenty of people not on my side in matters religious, and when it comes to sport... well, Liverpool fans exist in their thousands, so how much more different from me do you want things to get? The politics is the important bit here...

I promise to try not to lecture...

But here's a list of the following things you're doing wrong with your life...

Hahaha. I jest. I jest. I do that a lot.

I spent some time as a journalist. It was fun. At times it was a touch soul-destroying, but that's why journos have thick skin and thicker necks. They're well able for it. During that time I got to interview and talk to plenty of politicians and visit many, many pointless press conferences where tea and coffee were served along side giant slabs of tedium and bullshit that would weigh you down. I once door-stepped Bertie Ahern. It made me want to shower.

And there's the first time my politics come in to this. I don't like the crowd that are running the country now. I'm sure there are many decent people associated with this crowd, and all that (in fact, I know one of them, hello Councillor Crowe!!), but I don't like them, and I like the other guys. Not the other guys that are basically the same guys, I mean the other, other guys.

So... eh... yeah. I joined the Labour Party.

Anyone who knows me will tell you, I like to give out a lot. A lot, a lot. There's very little I won't give out about. The thing is though, that if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem (John McClane taught me that, is there nothing Die Hard can't teach us?). So for all my giving out, until you start to do something meaningful to change things, then you're just part of the problem.


Since I'm lazy and want to feel like I'm part of the solution, but don't want to actually do anything about it, I decided joining a political party would be about the closest thing. Tell me I'm wrong?

Seriously though, it does mean I get an input. Cynics would say not much of an input, but everyone's got to start somewhere. And hey, I can always be a political slut... If Labour aren't suiting me... Hello there Fine Gael...

It's a surprisingly easy task. Get on to your chosen political life partner's website, and sign up there. They're always looking for new people. People are politics. It took me all of half an hour. And most of that was reading demotivational posters like the one on top there... Man they crack me up.

If you're not keen on that, at least register to vote. And don't spoil your ballot by voting for My Tayto... his fiscal policies are an absolute shambles.

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