Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thing 241 Go to a Comedy Club

It is, and shall always be in my nature to do most things arse-ways. I shall endeavour to continue doing things arse-ways because it's the way that I'm most comfortable doing things. I've seen stand up comedy before. Oddly enough, the two gigs I've seen I was actually working at, so I wasn't there for the comedy, I was there for work. I really didn't pay attention. This though, this was a trip all the way up to Dublin with a gang from work, specifically to go to a comedy club for the purposes of laughing at funny jokes.

Having a drink or two too many and telling our own jokes down the back until a bouncer threatened to throw us out... now that was not the plan. We didn't interrupt the gig or anything. But there were shenanigans going on in front of us to which we decided to provide a running commentary. I'm sure we weren't nearly as funny as we thought we were, but when you see a guy continually try to swing the arm around the girl next to him, while she continually squirms and shrugs his arm away... well, that's pretty funny. Plus, and you can't underestimate this enough, I was wearing a ridiculous hat.

We were doomed to be giddy from the word go.
Now as all the world knows; Fr Ted is the funniest TV show in the history of television and everyone who's ever been on the show is hilarious and no bad things shall ever be said about them. In particular; Frank Kelly (Fr Jack), Pauline McGlynn (Mrs Doyle) and Pat Laffan (Pat Mustard). Alright, I realise my opinion isn't fact, but I can't be far wrong with this one. Fr Ted was a truly amazing show, and so Fr Ted night at the Comedy Club was surely going to be a winner.

They'd the guy who played Eoin McLove, the guy who played Fr Damo and the chap who played that in-the-closet priest who admits to being in love on the episode with the plane (he was the MC). They're not exactly heavyweights of the Fr Ted world, but it's sure to be a winner. Right?
Oddly, it wasn't great. Maybe it's because I was having such a giggle down the back myself, or maybe it's because there's only so much stand up comedy that I should take in during one sitting, but I seriously think I should have been laughing more.

Do you think that there might be a limit on the amount of comedy you should be taking in at a time? I mean, can you laugh up a quota for a day? It seems like that's what happened, or else priorities got tangled with drink and laughing moved down the pecking order behind more drinking and attempting an Irish dance in Messrs Maguire's... That wasn't embarrassing at all.

Next time I'll give the comedy club a miss... or the drink. I'll flip a coin to decide.


  1. welcome back, dan! you've been missed!

  2. Stand ups ups are great but they have a stlye, just like musicians. You wouldn't go see Thin Lizzy, Boyzone, Metallica and Ladysmith Black Mambazo play for 15 minutes one after the other. They just don't mix well and it's the same with stand-ups. One guy (female stand-ups aren't funny) telling jokes for an hour and a half in infinitly better than four guys telling jokes for two hours.